[April 14 - Stick Wars - Episode I: Rise of the Dark Lord - SSFIVAE | UmvC3 | SFxTK (Union, NJ)]


Hey everyone, my friends over at Stick Wars and Revolution Gaming are throwing a tourney for next month. Here’s what we have to offer:


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v. 2012 + $100 Pot Bonus
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 + $100 Pot Bonus
Street Fighter x Tekken v. 2013

When: April 14, 2013
Registration OPEN at 11am and CLOSE at 2pm

Mr. Nino’s Pizzeria, 1030 Stuyvesant Ave Union, NJ 07083
(please send me a PM for directions / transportation questions)

$10 pre registration venue fee (one time fee)
$15 on-site registration (sorry for the mix up!)
$10 entry fee per game
Prize - 70/20/10 split 1st/2nd/3rd
$100 Pot Bonus for SSFIVAE AND UMvC3

  • more prizes!!!

Spectators only have to pay one time venue fee at the doors.

Bring Your Own Controller and/or converter.
ALL games will run on Xbox 360
ALL games will run on Asus monitors.

SSFIVAE - Double Elimination | best 2 out of 3 | Winners/Losers/Grand Finals Best 3 out of 5
Winner locked to character, may change Ultra. Loser may change Character. Random Stage unless another is agreed upon.

UMVC3 - Double Elimination | best 3 out of 5 entire tournament.
Winner locked to same team and assist, may change team order. Loser may change team selection. Random Stage unless another is agreed upon.

SFxTK v2013- Double Elimination | best 2 out of 3 | Winners/Losers/Grand Finals Best 3 out of 5
Winner locked to team. Loser may change team. Random Stage unless another is agreed upon

May add Injustice: Gods Among us as a bonus game – keep a look out!!!

Event WILL be streamed - stream address will come later

Pre-Registration can be done via Rg_live.eventbrite.com
Pre-Registration covers venue fee and one game of your choice, but you can sign up for more the day of the event

email stickwarstournament@gmail.com for details and join mailing list to stay updated!

Genius Mods will be out again for your controller modifications

  • many other vendors.

The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83

1 more week until Stick Wars! Pre reg if you’re interested or check out the facebook link to let us know!




Come on through and get some games in! PM me for additional information or check the Facebook link!