April 21st GVN Philly challenge Tekken 5 DR & VF5

Dark Ressurection & Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3

This will be GVN’s 3rd sponsored tournament and we are looking to continue hosting more of these tournaments over time.

The GVN Philly challenge for VF5 & Tekken 5 DR will be held Saturday April 21st, 2007 at the Virtual Rush Cyber Cafe in Media, PA. In the Granite Run Mall Parking Lot.

Tekken 5 DR is the main Event but we will also hold a Virtua Fighter 5 tournament as well to help boost attendence.

Registration will begin at 4pm. The show will begin at 6pm. Money matches may be held after the Tournament.

Virtual Rush has 1 PS3 so I kindly ask for whoever owns a PS3 and plans on attending this tournament, please bring your PS3 and copy of VF5 & downloaded copy of T5DR. VR has 4 TVs, 3 are LCD HDTV’s.

Venue Information:

Virtual Rush
1145 W. Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063

Use mapquest to locate if traveling by car.

Directions via train and bus from Center city Philly.

Catch the train at either 30th Street station, Market East, or either Suburban Station. Take the R3 train towards Media/Elwyn. Hop off the train at Elwyn station. Walk to the bus stop and take the northbound 117 bus. The next stop is to the granite run mall. Get off at the mall and walk to the AMC theatre. Virtual Rush is located behind the AMC theatre.

Note Virtual Rush is behind the AMC theatre in the granite Run Mall Parking. Not in the Mall itself.

Sponsor information:

Venue fee is $15($10 for VR Hosting, $5 GVN fee)
Tekken 5 DR Tournament entry fee is $10
Virtua Fighter 5 Tournament fee is $10
Prize money will be divided:

1st place - 70%
2nd place - 20%
3rd place - 10%

Plus trophies for each placer


Double Elimination

3/5 Rounds - 2/3 Games normal, 3/5 Game Semis, 4/7 Games Finals

Feel free to bring your own controller. No programmable/Macro controllers.

Character customization is not allowed.

Life setting is 100%

Time is 60 seconds

Guard damage is off(Tekken 5)

Jinpachi is banned(Tekken 5)

Stage select is random, unless players agree to a stage.

Winner of a match must continue using a character, loser may change his character.

Low Sweep


I hope alot of people show up and have a good time.

C’mon, someone has to be interested.

I’m gonna cancel my trophy order if I cannot get enough people signed on by April 7th. I need at least two weeks for the order to process and come and its not worth wasting money if not enough people are coming.