(April 26-27) Marathon Stream to Help Boston Marathon Victims Tournaments too!(Framingham, MA)

With the horrible events that took place the past few weeks in Boston people are in a great need for help. As the New England Video Game Community we have a unique ability to reach people across the world through live streams and social media.

Together I think we can help a lot of people who are in need.

2 Ways To Help:

  1. In person

We are hosting a 26 Hour 20 minute live stream at Game Underground starting Friday 4/26/13 at 8pm and ending 4/27/13 at 10:20 pm.

There will be a $10 entrance fee to attend this event and 100% of the money will donated directly to The One Fund. www.OneFundBoston.org

You may also donate as much money as you would like in person.

Most of the Arcade Games will be set to Free Play including IIDX, ITG, Drum Mania, and more!

We will also allow people to “Buy” time in 15 minute intervals on the stream overnight to play the game they want on stream in order to raise more money.

There will be tournaments and free play on the stream as well as other games set up to play for free at GU as well. (more details tba)

  1. Online

Log into our live stream at www.twitch.tv/gameunderground

We will be encouraging people on our live stream to donate to The One Fund as well.

This is where we can make a HUGE difference. This stream can be viewed anywhere and the more we spread the word the bigger it can get! Let’s get this HYPE! Get celebrities to Tweet about it, get it on video game news sites etc! There is NO LIMIT to how big this can get! Think about it… if 1,000 people only donate $1 that really adds up!

The money be donated directly to The One Fund. We will not be collecting money online. We are encouraging people to directly donate to the official site. There will be more details on this very soon.


7:00pm Gamers can start donating at GU
8:00pm - 1:00am
Fight Night Live Stream (Injustice, SFIVAE, and UMvC3)
1:00am - 10:00am
Random Games
We will be taking requests on the live stream of what games you would like us to play
Worms, WWE 13, Mega Man II Speed Run and more!
Times TBA
11:00am Smash Bros Melee 1v1 Tournament
1:30pm Smash Bros Brawl 1v1 Tournament
4:00pm Injustice 1v1 Tournament
6:00pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 1v1 Tournament
8:00pm Super Street Fighter IV AE 1v1 Tournament
10:20pm Stream Ends

Quick Q&A

Q: Can I leave and come back to Game Underground
A: Yes you can go home to rest and come back for more gaming

Q:Does it cost money to enter the tournaments what are the prizes?
A:All tournaments will be free to enter! Right now there are no prizes but we may add some as we get closer.

Q: I would like to buy one of the 15 minute spots on the stream how does that work?
A: We are still working on this… if you would like to play something on the stream post up what time and what game here and we will work on arranging it.

Q: Can I request to play any game?
A: We will not allow any games on the stream that are rated “M” at this event. Bring your own game if you think it may be one we are sold out of.

Q: Where is Game Underground?
A:1251 Worcester Rd Framingham, MA 01701 (508)283-1503

Q:What can I do to help?
A: Spread the word! LET’S POST THIS EVENT EVERYWHERE! Also you can donate during the live stream!

More info and fun events TBA!

Brawl Karter from Team Replay’d deserves a HUGE Thank You for having the original concept for this event! As well as GU’s staff, Alana, Shawn, Dylan, Ryan, Murph (8088) and Lucky D! Also everyone that has agreed to help out with running tournament etc!

Sorry for the short notice but we wanted to have this happen ASAP!

Let’s do this!

Please share Facebook event page