[April 4th, 2014] You're Not So Kawaii-Desu - Miami, FL


Fees: $10.00

We will be hosting three games during this tournament. If you wish to participate in additional tournaments you only need to pay an additional $5.00 towards that game’s pot. You do NOT have to participate in all tournaments.

Example: $10.00 Primary Fee + $5.00 Second Game + $5.00 Third Game = $20.00 Total


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Persona 4: Arena
Skull Girls

Schedule: Registration – 6PM / Tournament – 8PM

Official registration begins at 6PM. Participants may play casuals at the tournament table once they have their wrist band until the beginning of the tournament. Once the event ends all participants are allowed to play casuals and friendlies until closing.

Prizes: Winner - 70% - Second - 20% - Third - 10%

Percentages are based off of total pot. Amount of pot is determined by the number of participants. 50% of each entrance fee is placed into the pot for the game entered.

Setup & Controllers: BYOC

All games will be played on EVO monitor setups. This is a bring your own controller event. All games will be played on XBOX360. We do NOT supply converters for PS3 fighting sticks. If you require a controller we will be able to supply GamePads. Fighting sticks are additional cost.

Stream: TwitchTV

Stream will be live by 8:00PM

Tournament Rules

Simple. Double Elimination. Best 2 out of 3 for normal matches and Best 3 out of 5 for Finals.


Arcade Odyssey
12045 SW 117th Ave
Miami, FL 33186

If you have any additional questions or concerns you can contact me at ctamajon@arcadeodyssey.com