[April 4th] Super Street Fighter 4 AE & Tekken Tournaments


What: Super Street Fighter 4 AE & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tournaments

When: Thursday April 4th 8pm. Register as early as 6:30pm. Tourney will start PROMPTLY at 8pm.

Where: Battle & Brew 279 Powers Ferry Rd Marietta Ga 30067

Entry Fee: $5 CASH per tournament. 100% Payback

Prizes: 1st gets 60% , 2nd gets 30% and 3rd gets 10% of prize pot. The more people that play, the bigger the pot!

Hardware: All fighting games are on PS3. Players are welcome to bring their own controllers. If you have an extra console/game/tv- please bring it. The more gaming stations we have, the faster we can get through the matches.

Info: Double Elimination
Best of 3 (Best of 5 in Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Championship Finals)

Streamed: http://www.twitch.tv/funkyp

No outside food or drink
No casuals until announced
When you’re called, show up promptly
de-sync your pad immediately after you’re done

Questions: BattleBrewTournaments@gmail.com

Website: Event

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