April 7th Columbus, OH Tourney

Saturday April 7th, 2007

Will be held at the same place s last time:
Western Lanes Bowling Alley
500 Georgesville Road., Columbus, Ohio, 43228

Main Tournaments:
T5 DR Singles-PS3
Third Strike Singles-PS2

$5 Venue fee
$10 per game entrance fee, 70/20/10 split

Tournaments will begin at 1:00 p.m., the room will open up to everyone at noon.

You can pre-register now on this thread. Be sure to post your name, your SRK name or what you would like to be called, game your playing in, and location so we can seed in the tourneys. As always, we will need help with systems and TVs, so if you would like to bring something, post that as well.

There will be tournaments for CvS, MvC, and Slash also based on interest again, so post one of these games if you intend on playing in one of them.

Location: Dayton, OH
Games: T5DR

just to let you know, there’s a cincinnati tournament this same day…


and i wouldn’t move it a week later because most people can’t fit in/afford 2 tournaments back to back like that, so maybe wait til april 21st instead so basically 2 months have passed between c-bus tournies. it’s great that more tournies are popping up in the OH region, but there’s no need to have conflicting dates and split players.


I’d like to make it but if you would change the locale, I’d be much more inclined to come, this bowling alley already claimed my prize stick and I am not the type to give such things a 2nd chance… (also, stepped my 3S up so I may actually play this time).

i think popoblo may be on to something.but im not sure how renting out rooms and that sort of thing goes so im not sure if dates are final or not.i actually wouldnt mind seeing the natti because ive never been.But your my friend jhon,and i dedicate to you my presence if you cant change it:Dlet me know.think id like to play your dudley anyway,lol!later bud!

Aww man! You can’t be serious the same day as the Big Mac Attack. I promised Mac I’d be there. None the less I have been training in T5 DR.

i’ll probably be there

And I’m going to miss fighting Sazabi…Again!

Wow. Just as we decided to put T5: DR on the bill for Big Mac Attack and change the fee’s around to $5 dollar venue fee, $10 per tournament.

Paladin90, please change the date. maybe you have already reserved the room, but you couldn’t have paid for it because that’s what the venue fees are for. just be honest with the bowling alley people and say a conflicting date has came up and you’d like to reschedule. they’ll be cool with it i’m sure.

it’s foolish to have 2 tournaments in the exact same region 2 hours away from each other on the same day. you could either have 2 really good tournaments 2 weeks apart OR you could have 2 poor tournaments on the same saturday.

i still haven’t seen you reply from my initial post so i’m hoping it was an honest mistake and you simply didn’t know another tourney was going on in cincy on the same day. as i said before, i think april 21st would be a great date for it. it should be right before most people’s finals…


Paladin , This is really akward… Two tournaments on the same day? the turn out is gonna be really weak. But hey maybe you should reschedule the tournament for another time.

But , Im glad your trying to get the ohio scene competing fo for that!

Well decided whats gonna happen with the tournament…

O I may have to decide which one to go to. and I dont wanna do that…

Man at one of these tournaments we need some 3S doubles or something hint hint

Sorry to take so long guys, crappy internet connection. I’ll change the date no problem, didn’t know about the tournament down south. Just need everyones opinion real fast on what would be a good time, choices are earlyier in March, later in April, or mid May. Everyone give your opinion becasue I have to make a choice soon. Sorry about the location for those who don’t like it all that much, but its something till I find something alittle bigger that is just as available, so bear with me for now.

How big do you want it? Momo’s was a really really nice venue with Season’s Beatings. If we have Smash you could definitely cover the venue fee, and they bring most of their own shit. I and (I bet) anyone who was there would pay a $10 venue fee to have a tourney there again if you aren’t confident that $5 will cover it. I talked to one of the guys working there and I could get their contact info from Fugee if you want to explore that.

As far as dates – I thought you were going to do April 28 originally? I posted that the other guy running the C-bus tourney (May 5 or something) should contact you, because he’s trying to plan wayyyy too much for one day anyway, dunno if they even want to do fighters with Halo 2 and GH2 accompanying the PC stuff.

April 21 or 28, or May 5 or 11? Dan’s right, the 14th should be out as well, too close.

I’ll do April 21 if everyone is cool with it, but I did the 7th just to make it earlier, but I can push it back. I had no clue another tournament was going on that day when I called to reserve the room again. So with that said, I’ll leave this posted for one day and then change after everyone says what they think, is everyone cool with changing the tournament to April 21, no conlficts or other events going on that day?

Ok if its like that then…

Name: Daddyneptune(Quan)
Games: 3rd strike

SRK Name: Arkayne
Location: Dayton, OH
Games: 3S , T5DR

Chickenfat… I wanna see you at this tourney… Make sure tiggy comes. Ive been helping him with his ibuki , giving him the lowdown… So he better come prepared LOL

LOL!dont worry,ill be there.And ill drag tiggy along with me:D im interested to see his ibuki now.lol.Yeah,that date will be much better for me.Ill actually get to see some cincinatti!!

location:columbus(i should really just say c-bus!lol!)

Sup guys, last tourney was big fun. Pittsburgh’s SCT might be showing up to one or two of these upcoming Ohio tournies. Hope to see everyone I met at the last one there and meet some more people. :tup:

Whatsup with the lack of SC3/VF5 love? Lol. I guess there’s no interest since this is a 2D site. Maybe i’ll get some casuals on anyway with anyone who plays.

– Master KaijinJin –

for real man, we need some vf5 love over here haha… but i’ll prolly be there for another learning experience lol

I’m with Ghaleon, if you would change the venue, I’d make the tourney no problem, but as stands I have NOOOO interest at giving the bowling alley a chance to kill my new stick… (/me looks at the heap that is his old stick)