April Fools Day tourney @ CTF [Results]

First off, i’d like to thank the Moderating Sages, Mr. Fantastic (Min?) and Jeron for their assistance and advice. god bless

Third Strike 2v2


Round Robin

Teams of two(2) players were decided by lottery (matching #s pulled from hat).

Point(0) is awarded by eliminating opposing team twice (2 out of 3). WARNING: NEVER, EVER attempt this on a single cabinet. i started at 5pm and it didnt finish until 9:30pm! :annoy: . me stoopid.

Face offs (ties in # of victories) were single elimination. yeah, time was short and ppl had to go.


Master Chibi
Shin Neo Snake
Makoto Scrub


1-6 (x2) were placed in a hat and the drawings were:

Team "I have to go"
1Katsu (Q)
1Makoto Scrub (Makoto)

Team I Came At The Last Minute
6Spooky (Yun)
6Kevin (Necro)

Team Not Random
4Shaun (Ryu)
4C.O.B. (Makoto, Oro)

Team Discovery
5Everdred (Remy)
5Akuma (Hugo)

Team Zaelar
3Zaelar (Ken)
3Shin Neo Snake (Q, Ken)

Team Bleeds 2 Much
2Zar (Ibuki)
2MasterChibi (Ibuki)


 1     2     3     4     5     6

1 / X 0 X X X

2 0 / 0 X X X

3 X X / X X X

4 0 0 0 / 0 X

5 0 0 0 X / 0

6 0 0 0 0 X /


  4     5     6

4 / 0 0

5 X / X

6 X 0 /


1st Team Not Random
2nd Team Last Minute

3rd Team Discovery
4th Team Bleeds Too Much
5th Team 'I have to go’
6th Team Zaelar

Team Not Random (#4) WINS! dont spend it all at once :lol:
Team Last Minute (#6) Runner Up
Everyone else, a hearty handshake

I had no idea what i was doing, so the event took much longer than it should of. apparently i was supposed to tally win/loss records (oops). so that explains the three-way face off. :confused:

I’ll post highlights and any other info i missed later in the week.



-Akuma predictics his partner will be (dum,dum,duuum) Everdred, due to their contrasting styles of play.

-C.O.B. too displays his psychic prowess by forseeing the inevitable (uuuweeeeuuu) 3-way tie in the early stages of the tourney. This was due to my noob-ness =.

-Katsu’s pixel-life Q REFUSES to succumb to Chibi’s (ibuki) air kunai xx sa1 chip attempt. He parries ALL but ONE hit. KNOCKOUT! The crowd went NUTZ.

-Shin Neo Snake(Q) and Katsu(Q) exchange like 5 blocked Dash Punches a piece. Wierd. Were they both afraid to go for the parry attempt?

-Akuma (hugo) swats the pesky Zar’s (ibuki) anti-air-option select: hugo jumps in, ibuki anti-airs w/ crouch fierce, hugo parries, ibuki super jump cancels off of the parry!, ibuki goes for the air throw attempt during hugos parry animation!!..Hugo…air-techs!!! Team Discovery later takes the set 2-1 :open_mouth: You had to be there. The shit looked so choreographed.

-Justin and KOFiend show up late and try to establish a team. Nice try guys =/.

I used Alex too. …once.

yo syid shout out to you for running the tourney very well

GG to everyone I played yesterday.

First off to Katsu for parrying Ibuki’s SAI staving off death, even if for a short while. Sorry I had to take off man. Shit came up. But you’ve got a solid Q. Just turtle a little more.

Akuma: you have a solid Hugo. wake up 720 owns my soul. :looney:

Kevin: I’ve never been shut down by a nerco like that before. I’ll have to re-think how I play against him.

Shaun: Nice ryu. just get used to using SAIII some more.

C.O.B: I’m supposed to be the makoto of CF. :rolleyes:

Shin snake: Keep working on the Q as well. He has a hard time fighting makoto but he can still win.

Zaelar: Nice ken. Just try to use more c.lk to get people off your ass and less fireballs

Spooky: Work on that Yun man.

Chibi: Good Ibuki. Nice try with the daggers against my partner. :wgrin:

Zar: Two Ibuki’s on one team?!?! And the matter of the fact is that I had a harder time fighting you with all them cross-ups and such. Even more props for keeping the “offical” tourney together. :wink:

Everdred: You have an annoying Remy. :annoy: Soo much goddang turtling! :lol:

Once again, GG to all and I hope see most of you at CF when I decide to randomly show up after class. :wgrin:

y is it that i c other ppl switch characters and i was told that i can’t. GG, can’t wait for the next. And props to spooky for giving me his share of the “winnings” or “entry fee back” and props to all!

good games to all… that tourny was fun. i wish i didn’t have my issues till the end… (kofiend peer pressure is the same as his yang pressure, losing my wallet like a dummy)

next 2 on 2 I want Akuma on my team again his Hugo is going places.

Makoto Scrub I’m glad I finally played you. I was suprised to see you have a very decent makoto = sense of fear.

To the winning teams… You guys deserve that money… and I owe Akuma 5 bucks.

Arturo… money match me next time you at cf again. I don’t care if I lose as long as I play you in 3s.

haha… Justin and Kofiend on team together last minute late entry… UMMM NO.

  1. mad late

  2. not random pick

  3. Justin AND kofiend… need I say more?

Kevin your necro is beastly I wanna see you versus mutant xp when he comes to NY so bad!

Zar good matches… jesus christ… one mistake and a chunk of life… the game is fun!

everyone else stay cool and keep coming to these “get- togethers”

^^ yo i felt like i was on family fued where the other team wins at the last second…you guys stole my food >_<

it was…dare i say fun…im actually dissapointed i didnt get to prove ken is hugo’s training dummy (due to a -shock- lack of kens) but oh well theres always next time

biscuit -bop- remember to record the W/L next time
C.O.B. I demand a recount…or a rematch or something
Shaun: Are you even on srk? if you are I also demand a rematch of you

meh, if u used the char once, i didnt bother to list it. For instance, Katsu use ryu once. Did you win that match w/ alex? i stepped away in mid battle.

lol he hasnt played 3s since Oct 05, guy. Guilty Gear owned his soul! (R.I.P. Anarchcade) . Still did ok despite the rust.

arg. what i meant was , if you win w/ that character you cant switch up. sorry for the misunderstanding:sweat:

keep your eyes open for another 3s roullette 2v2 team event sometime during the 2nd wk of June.

GG’s to ALL


tourney already announced, go here

Hey, you ran a good tourney.

Props to everyone I fought, having played CvS2 right before I played 3s messed me up a bit.

Q is fun. Have to work on Ken first though.

It was a good tourney and next time you might consider using both Cabinets for team tourneys. Nevertheless 25 matches + the faceoff in 4 hours isnt bad. Good job:clap: