April Fool's EC

Yea I pulled one on you fool’s. I would never move to hawaii over a chick i just met. I run shit here im the Captain. Didnt your mamas tell you never to trust a Puerto Rican? I know you all had a tear in your eyes when you heard the news dont lie.

APRIL FOOL’S! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

ps: My bad Pryde, i didnt expect you to do that sticky. :looney:


hah hah hah

Good hate, good hate.

I don’t know if anyone really believed it after the whole Army thing, though.

bitch, it ain’t an april fool’s joke unless you do it on april fool’s.

i can honestly say i knew something was up. the reason i didnt post in the farewell thread. this was good shit though. really good shit.


I doubted it the entire damn time.

That being said, I completely blame Ed.


now i wish you really had left

I could have won money. Seriously. So does this like, mean Team Lolicon in Slash at w2z is still a reality?

Oh, and you fools should never trust a Puerto Rican. What is wrong with you folks?

looks like Ed started another trend

its not april fools unless you made the thread about moving to hawai today. HATE HATE HATE !


rockman317: you scrub
rockman317: aren’t u gonna move??
Sage573: move where
rockman317: hawaii fool
Sage573: omg
rockman317: you there already?
Sage573: are you slow?
rockman317: idk, that thread smells like bvs
rockman317: bs
rockman317: today being april fools day
Sage573: im on the east coast you fool
rockman317: i don’t believe it
rockman317: i’m not buying .
rockman317: must be some april fool joke.

WTF is this BS, i didnt know EGM’s Shen Long april fool’s didnt count.
The prank is that I DIDNT move to idiot, learn to deal with the new gen team hate prank’s.

Deathscythe: Might just be a possibility.

cockman is toooooooo good. he also believes in pillowpants. true story and i shit u not.

I still don’t believe this queer!I still see no point in posting a conversation? I find it stupid.OH well , still not buying it.

you don’t HAVE to believe it because it’s NOT true that he moved (!!!)

ooooh, got me there Nes. No wonder why I saw you on IRC last night with the same I.P. Just as your signature says, oooo Nestor, you crafty boy you.

yes blame edpachi, even duh!! i had nothing to do with this one lmao

Actually a good april fools joke would have been to say that some female said that Ed actually looked good, now that could only be a joke lol I can just hear him now goin off on me lol!