April Fools Thread 2016

Reminder thread to keep people aware. If you think it’s suspect or you are pretty sure that its fake then post it in here.

I’m having two molars extracted tomorrow so I thought a good prank would be to eat a whole bag of Cheetos before I go in, because fuck you, dentist.

You’re a good man.

I don’t like Asian women.

Toonami coming back still the GOAT April Fool’s prank.

Can’t wait to see how many people get got on da innanetz today.

no playing around here

Google Cardboard Plastic



WB saying Snyder is off for good would be a funnier one.

Guys I think Im pregnant. :cold_sweat:

Thought this one was pretty good given what the site covers. I’m sure their haters think it is legit to boot.

Can’t wait for some Chinese party hack to tell a prankster “Joke on you. You going plison.”

I just tell people I’m happy and successful all day. It never works though.

Everyone knows better.

I’m gonna tell my ex I’m still in love with her and wanna give it another shot :slight_smile:

I am SO tired of April Fool’s shit online. People post shit like “DBZ Extreme Butoden’s 1.30 update is live!!” only to piss you off when you remember there are still a fuckton of immature people out there who still do this grade-school bullshit of spreading misinformation for laughs.


We need a device that lets us punch fools through our monitors.

Do you hate Christmas, puppies and warm apple pie too?

It’s a bit of fun, lighten up.

Rhio2K easily punked.


Anxiously awaiting lame SRK front page joke about CvS3 :coffee: