April showers of pain 4/26/08 springfield mall time out arcade, virginia

sup fools we are throwing our 1st multi arcade tourny in VA.

The tournament format is somewhat different from the traditional style.

We will be having a 2 man team tourny.round robin style in the following games.each team will play in all 3 games.best overall score will determine our winner.the arcade is located inside springfield mall in northern virginia, TIME-OUT.sign ups are at 12 noon.tourny begins at 1:00

cvs1.mvc2.3rd strike.

prize will be divided.%70,%20,%10 it will be pay to play…but relax its only i quarter per play…

And in a surprise appearance, Mexi-Wong will be there to MM anybody in cvs1.

He is our best player.he only asks that you play your best and do not speak to him for he knows no english.amazing how SF can bridge cultures together.

Entry will be $10 per player.so since its 2v2 its $20 per team.

please come out to support and this is arcade gents.GODLIKE!!!


eric this sounds too complicated…how will the mexicans even understand this?

gdlk haha


Same format as the chicken match from the lock in…except its teams of 2, everyone plays everyone (round robin), best score wins 1st place, 2nd best score wins 2nd place cash prize etc etc…

And the mexicans have been briefed in spanish, so no worries…lol

PS… arcade tourny = FTW

ill be there. and good luck to everyone, so dont bitch out and not show! support the scene!
happy that i dont need a converter good shit eric! gdlk :pray:

Me be there.


Dont really play marvel but I will plan to go

Wow, good shit Eric. GDLK.

Justin Juan is gonna get raped.

i have no clue what the fuck any of you are talking about.

except for the bacon

…we have the best CVS1 player on the planet…lol


PS Sparatik make it out!!!

I Like Me Over This Justin Juan Dudeee

justin juan ain’t shit without that stupid code

That code is for scrubs.

so who wants to be on my team?

yay tekken 5 added too…

$5 entry fee, 2pm start time.

link from tz:

dave’s waiting on you to smash someone’s face into the cvs1 cab:lovin::woot::rofl:

i would do it but i dont wanna piss off a bunch of ms13 members and get stabbed :sad:

t5 is added to the games list now? what would be the tiebreaker?