April Xbox 360 Update: Has something changed...?




Has ST.MP / ST.HK / U2AA (Xian shortcut) changed? I was able to get it 100% both sides last week. Nothing today.
The shortcut works from a neutral crouch position, but not after the TC launcher.


This doesn’t seem to work anymore : https://youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5_KV2ij4VvU#t=768


"Hey everyone, got some news for you regarding the USFIV version 1.05 patch dropping on consoles (Xbox360 and PS3 @2am PST) and Steam (@8am PST) tomorrow. For those wondering what will be included in the version 1.05 patch, continue on!

USFIV Edition Changes:


Must charge downback to activate the anti-air version of DCM."


Combofiend, you absolute bastard! :disappointed:





most of this is already in the general thread, but yeh, it was a bug to begin with so was always going to get fixed - which is why I tried not to get into the habbit of using it myself. Most setups still work, they’re just a bit harder with the stricter input. Seems to be some questions as to whether stinger FADC still works (but I’ve never been able to pull that off anyway xD)


Stinger fadc still works


make a thread