April's FOOLS DAY Tourney in CTF

As you can see the tourney will be on April 1ST which is a SATURDAY. So dont get tricked by your opponent!!! The tourney is going to be 3s/cvs2. If other people wanna run something else. HAVE FUN. Just post it up.

The tourney will be a little different than usual.

3S/ CVS2 will be a 2 on 2 tourney. But you wont be allowed to pick your team mates. They will be randomly selected by choosing a number or picking it out from a bag/hat.

If people dont like this idea, then we can go back to standard format double elim 2 out of 3 for singles.

2 ON 2 tourney rules
Double elimination 2/3

For example Player A + B VS Player C + D
Player A beats Player C
Player D beats Player A
Player D beats Player B

Team CD gets one point

but each team has to get 2 points to advance to the next round. This setup should give people more incentive to come out and play because now everybody has a fighting chance.

Entry Fee. $5 per person. So each team is $10
Pay Per Play
Signups 2 pm
Tourney Starts at 3 pm.

Any suggestions/comments/and whatever ya wanna say post here. See everyone on April 1st

its gonna b confusing!

how would it be confusing?

so theres not gonna b a losers bracket?

I bet it wont be a tournament since its April’s Fools


I bet it won’t be a tournament since everyone will be late.

I said double elimination already and dont worry people gonna come. If they are late they are done

oh wow. I really think i’ll be coming back up to NY for this one. sounds dope

Sounds interesting! A little change in cvs2 and 3s. Im for it!

Looks like I’ll be able to show up to this one, since it looks like there’s not a tourney in March. :rolleyes:

APRIL FOOLS theres no tournament, just like last Saturday at CTF when people came out and they only had 3s!

…oh wait, last week wasn’t supposed to be a joke…

You LIE!!!:arazz: :rofl:


There will be a tourney for both games this time. I’ll run both if i have to

How about A plays C, B plays D, and then the winners play if the same team doesn’t win.

I think what you’re trying to say is: A plays C; A wins, then B plays D; D wins, then A plays D and whoever wins, has their team advance. Or something like that… :sweat: :looney: :sweat:

Hmm. This is nice. I’ll help run CvS2.

This will cut down the amount of “teams” since there will be 2 players per team so we need 16 people for a nomral 8 man bracket.

Each team has to lose 2 times. Not each player lose once.
A vs C A wins
B vs D B wins
Team AB has 1 point

A vs C C wins
B vs D B wins
B vs C C wins
Team CD has 1 point. Its tied at 1-1

Whichever team wins the next one is considered the winner of the match.

Zaelar: You say you want A vs C, then B vs D. But considering the fact that CVS2 runs so slow (killing off the teams, etc.) it might go faster if the winner stays on.

We can, however, have the following so one player doesn’t sit the whole tourney since the other member is tearing things up.

1st game of the match
A vs C
Regardless of winner, second game of the match will be
B vs D as the first game

Thats gonna take too long and thats too expensive.

Player A plays Player C. Thats a dollar.
Player A wins
Then Player B will play Player D. but Player D has to kill off player A game. Then player B plays player D finally. Another dollar.
Then lets say Player D wins. Then player D will play Player A for final game. which cost another 50 cents. So that wont be good.

Just name these tourneys “ranbats” and everyone will come.

RanBat at CF? Where, where?!?!? :lol: