How is the online for it? Been looking to try my hand at this style of Fighter, I can get Aqua from Gamefly…Who plays? If you do how is the online activity?


Online activity is not there and the netcode is not good.



Just wait for BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma and Guilty Gear Xrd.


While theirs online activity regularly. however good connection is rare. Even native player such as japan who usually have good internet had problem with it. (3bar takes adjustments, and 4 bar is barley passable) Due too Aquaa not being a heavy execution game its manageable but some thing do have strict timing and netplay delay make this much more harder to deal with.

considering that you’ll be using gamefly to rent it. I would suggest still dabbling into it as it actually a refreshing fighter that plays more basic sf2 like with more of some everyday modern mechanics (dash/run, air block, chain/magic series, multiple supers and final desperation) . But it is team base game where you pick fighter, and then a assists charters. Assists character act like just as suggest, Assisting the fighter in various offensive or defensive ways.

The only thing exclusive and defining about aqua pazza is its emotion system. The emotion system is where depending on your performance and actions in match, you will either get high emotion which increase both hitstune and damage put, defense boost buff,and even upgrading some supers, while low emotions causes weaker defense and vulnerable guard break.


Netcode sucks, crappy connection and spam d+p/k depending on character. Was excited to play and it blew balls imo. I’d rather play a game like chaos code without online play than a game like this with netplay. It’s fun if you catch some casuals with friends while drinking, that’s about it.

Edit- the emotion system as said before is the unique thing about the game. But its not enough to make this game great. Too basic and the striker/assists suck the the exception of acouple. It’s too dumbed Dow. For anyone who is into fighters.


I think you’d be better off trying to get into air dashers/anime games with BlazBlue or Persona.


I really dont see the harm in the person trying the game out if using gamefly. Also the Op did say this type of game, the likes of pesona and Blazblue are polar opposite.

Also Op if do consider to expand your option willing to do imports. i think You may enjoy


I was just giving him my experience with the game including if online is any good. Theres nothing wrong with trying it or anything. It looks fun on videos at Japanese tourneys and he might’ve read the same reviews that I did on the game. They were all super positive and everyone was quick to discredit.any bad opinions. It’s manga fanboys writting all the positive reviews.for.the most part. I was fooled by these reviews and bought it, luckily it was with a psn card I received as a gift.

That game you posted looks way better. I’ve seen it forawhile but didn’t wanna deal with Japanese accounts, etc


While I encourage everyone to play BB and Persona, Aquapazza is, by all reports, nothing like those games.