Arab Car tricks


Some of these are crazy:


Now this is how you ghost ride the whip!!!


Cars over there must be nothing for you to risk it like this.


Arab takes this one. Hands down.


I ain’t ever seen cars like this b4. Dayum:wow:


Well, look what happens if you mess up…


Dayum, that’s messed up.

It did lead me to this though:

They have amazing roads over there. Over here, I would be afraid of hitting pot holes. Did you see those guys skating on the road :wow: What’s up with that!


Lol dude I’m from Kuwait and I’ve actually seen that car. The owner had it parked right out in front of the mall one night and he just had it going. Got lots of chicks numbers.

But yeah, the reason to why they drive like this is because the government does not regulate speeding. They have cameras on the highways that will take a pic of your license plate when you go over 120 kph but after you get the ticket all you gotta do is have one of your friend’s dad who happens to be a police officer to get it knocked out of the system.

On the beach roads in Kuwait its common to see Lambos, Ferraris, Porches… cheap gas + really low monthly payments + cheap car labor wages = heaven. Its been like 0.70 cents a gallon for over 20 years now.

Everytime I visit my uncles at their houses on the weekends they always have a new video that they recorded on their cell phones of them going crazy speeds on the 5th ring road and 7th ring road at 1am in the morning. Its fucking bad ass man.

But of course because of all of this there are shit loads of accidents everyday in Kuwait. In highschool when I was coming home from school there was ALWAYS an accident and cars would be backed up for 2-4 miles. The roads were not made to have so many cars on them like that.


Wow, that’s an amazing experience. I figured that there would have to be a ton of accidents with those cars careening all over the place. You eventually will mess up after practicing those kind of drifts. :looney:

That equation of cheap gas, low payments, no speed regulation, and cheap labor wages does make sense as to why this kinda stuff is common.

Pretty cool.