Aracde sticks for both ps3 and pc

Hi, I’m new to his forum, and to SF4. Oldschool player from back in the days though, but I’m fairly unacquainted with arcade sticks.

I could really use some help regarding getting me one of these sticks, which are usable on both ps3 and pc.

EDIT: I read the faq and it seems most of the sticks are compatible with PCs. Other than the madcatz TE stick, which other sticks are good options?

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, Hori Fighting Stick 3, or better yet if you want a custom, go for the Cthulhu Ps3 board by Toodles.

Thanks yuppy, I’ll go google that right away :smiley:

The Virtua Stick High Grade is also compatible, but I don’t think it’s readily available. There were also some 3 button press issues with earlier models.

I second the Cthulhu, just grab a cheap Soul Calibur IV stick from amazon or your local Fry’s elctronics if they have them in stock, you can use it right out the box(PC, PS3) or swap the pcb for the cthulhu and you’ll have a stick for pc ps3 and can upgrade down the line for many other systems. And when you get tired of that grab a real custom from one of the many builders here and never look back lol…

Best of luck and welcome to SRK!

Thanks for the awesome tips guys; gonna look into the cthulhu. Seems like a fair amount of work to get the design so well as some of you have though.

Hi, my name is Stanley and i wanted to reply to your question. I make custom sticks for all systems. I could make you a stick for the PS3/PC. You can contact me with more information on my sticks. I can show you pics. and videos of my sticks.


Will these sticks work on a PC despite saying they’re for PS3 or are there specific PC sticks?

The Madcatz PS3 sticks do work fine for PC, you just need an intel motherboard or a USB card with a compatable chipset. Only runs around 10 bucks for one.

Welcome to the forum, just wanted to chime in and reaffirm that all these sticks people are listing are good choices. Just do your research and it will pay off in the long run.