Aracdes in San Francisco/Berkeley area?

I’m heading down there for about two weeks and would like to know all the big arcades in either city.

The aracdes must have at least mvc2 or 3rd strike.

It would also be an added plus if the arcade has mvc1.

Post the the address and name of the arcade.

See SFSU thread…and that’s it.

You could try Riptide Arcade at Pier 39, but there’s never anyone there and the cabs are all fucked up.

Broadway’s closed, Metreon’s closed, Bearcade’s closed.

Good luck.

send me a PM if you want to come through my house for some 3s, alpha 3, super turbo action on japanese machines

passed by SFSU the other day and they are closed till i think maybe next month. Try Malibu in redwood city from what i last remember they had some games i think mvs2 but it was like sum 4 years ago and im goin to santa cruz tomorrow to see if theres anythin goin down there cuz im also lookin for sum fighting game action anywhere around the bay. ANYONE ONE THROWIN TOUNRYS IN THE BAY AREA???

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk has CVS2, KOFXI, T5DR and a handful of other older fighters. Sometimes you’ll find good CVS2 comp on Saturday nights, but overall it’s really random.

I can’t remember if that small arcade that is at Capitola Mall is still open. I went there a couple years ago and they had MVC2. I think the button layout for the game was wrong as well.

Tilt has MvC2 but no 3s.

It is about 30-40 mins away.

from what i last remember at santa cruz they also had rage of the dragons if anyone wanted to know but that was a while back when it first came out i donno about now

Wrong again, last time I was there (not long ago) the machine was off, I asked the engineer and he said the screen was completely broken

Seriously bay area, wtf

buy the cab off them with game for $50 they’ll never spend $500 on a new monitor for a game that makes twenty five cents a week.

Hows Oak Tree? Anything good there? @.@