Arakune/v-13 nerf patch come August


Chatlog with Aksys rep:

[04:39:36] <Whiz> AksysG: seriously though?.arakune?.the hell was yall thinking?.that guy is just rude rofl
[04:39:41] <AksysG> LOL
[04:39:48] <AksysG> he?s getting nerfed, trust me LOL
[04:40:41] <AksysG> hahahaha
[04:40:51] <AksysG> lets just say come august
[04:40:56] <AksysG> we get a new patch
[04:41:02] <AksysG> that balances things out

[04:42:58] <AksysG> arakune will get nerfed
[04:43:02] <AksysG> theres no doubt about it

[04:47:07] <Chindogg> AksysG nerf v-13
[04:47:18] <AksysG> she will be
[04:47:25] <AksysG> she?s the top of the priority

While this was pretty much expected from the start, it’s nice to have a time frame. I don’t know about you guys but I’m looking forward to August. I’m also expecting the vast majority of Nu’s to either jump on the Rachel bandwagon or give whatever other sub they got a little more game time. It’s nice to have a company so involved in the community and it’s concerns.


Nothing against Aksys or anything, but they’ve said a lot of things and a lot of things didn’t happen. They tend to open their mouths a little too early. I’d take this with a grain of salt. Atleast wait till they say something on their website. Not a bunch of jiba jaba on internet forums and chat rooms.

edit: I mean, no doubt something is going to be done about the game’s character balance. But don’t get your hopes up on a free downloadable patch in august. Like, when I got Blazblue, I came in expecting to buy a BlazTwo a year from now.

and here’s more wood for the fire


I hear you bro, but at the same time I want to hope there is validity to this and it’s really not that hard to believe. I mean I seriously doubt very many people are going to read this and be like “NERF NU WTF WHY???.” To me at least, the nerf was just a matter of “when” not “if” but who knows, we can only hope right? Aksys has done a pretty good job of hearing out the community’s concerns thus far and for many this is a pretty significant concern.


Nerf Ara…? :sad:


Phew if this turns out correct then the loli has come out of this unscathed :lovin:

Hope they get it right though and don’t turn Nu and Arakune straight from great to absolutely useless.


Yeah, I dunno about arakune. Besides his corner trap, I don’t have that many gripes with him since he isn’t the easiest to play. The same goes for rachel, while she is really good, it isn’t easy to be really good with her. Nu on the other hand, I dunno what they were thinking. They could have at least TRIED to make her combos hard to pull off…


Hmm they said Nu is top priority and that Arakune will be nerfed, they didn’t say other characters will be left without changes :wink:


im sooo glad


What they will likely do is give Nu more recovery frames on her attacks. There’s another thread asking for her to get a limiting meter for her drive, but that seems unlikely. It would take more work and would be a little too much.

Right now Nu is unbalanced personally because a lot of her moves are very hard to punish, which shouldn’t be the case as she was intended to suck up close. But her melee moves have priority out the ass, can lead into massively damaging 3-4k combos on hit, or let her Act Parser for what is usually an instant free crossup with an advantageous side change, that is also very, very hard to punish.

For a character who is supposed to be bad at close range she sure… isn’t bad. If anyone’s ever fought a rushdown Nu they know what I’m talking about, and the fact that she can do it so effectively is terrible.

Personally, I think that this is more important than giving her a meter so she can’t drive spam. Whatever they do though will make me happy. I main Tager and Nu is a pain to fight.

Arakune is unbalanced because he can full-screen teleport, his dive bomb is very hard to punish and he can do it over and over again, and he has a lot of stuff that combos when it really shouldn’t, and a lot of loops that should not exist, period.

But I think that it’s hard to balance Arakune because he needs this stuff. Maybe if they just remove his teleport, or his ability to curse on block.


If it just nerfs their damage a little I would be fairly alright with it. I really don’t think that they should get rid of curse on block though, and I don’t even play arakune. That would make his cloud zoning too ineffective I think.

About more recovery frames for Nu, her drives are already pretty unsafe if whiffed, so I dunno. Plus if it messes with the timing of her established combos and makes some combos invalid there probably would be revolt. :lol:

And a sword meter is still the most retarded thing that I’ve heard.

I think rachel does need some damage nerfing too. She does alot of damage for the things that she could do.

It would be nicer if they gave tager and hakumen (to a lesser extent) some tools to deal with them instead though.

edit: still though, could be bullshit. They used to promised us region free for the 360 version and look at how that turned out. Wait for the official word at arcsys I say, not some guy from aksys over IM.


Rather than Getting a free star off auto-gaurd with the C-Button as Hakumen, your attacks recovered quicker from destroying a projectile - I think that’d be more useful.

Well, that region free 360 bullshit could be Microsoft faggotry. Maybe it’s not and they dropped the ball, but we all know how fucking homo Microsuck can be about shit like that.


I think Arakune could do fine without curse on block, because he has a lot of ways to curse you besides the clouds and a lot of ways he can attack you with the cloud out. He zones pretty well without it and the reward for getting the curse off is so great that I think he can manage.

I don’t think Nu has a lot of recovery on her drives at all. There are very few characters who can get in her range even if her drive whiffs, and even when you do, all it takes is one counter hit C attack to knock you back into some high damage combo. Hell, Nu even has some blockstrings. She has no real disadvantage except low health, but she can still take at least 2 combos from most people and in the worst case scenario she can burst with the least consequence of anyone since she doesn’t have to be close to rock you.


That counterhit C move that you’re talking about has 22 (or so) frames of start up btw. :lol:

Which is going to be beaten by most things, unless the opponent is doing something stupid. Sadly for tager it’s pretty easy to bait one from his sled though. :stuck_out_tongue:

4D if whiffed is easily punished, but that’s only if you’re dumb anyway. :lol:


Yeah, I play Tager, and there’s very little he can do against a competent Nu or Arakune. Or Carl.


i would think that haku-men only really needs something to compete with the zoners

he already does fucktons of damage, but he just needs a way to give himself a chance to do land it

oh well, with the news 4r5 posted, we may be seeing Tsubaki sooner than we expected too

edit: wait. wouldn’t a patch make everyone go all ANGRY for it not being arcade perfect anymore? or will they patch that too? i figure they’ll wait until after SBO before doing anything.


Just remove the chip damage on her drive attacks or put them on a meter, and make it so you can’t combo in/out of her gravity well. Arakune on the other hand is fine. If you get corner trapped you kind of deserve to lose :looney:

And I’m really more in favor of buffing Tager/Hakumen/Bang than nerfing V13/Arakune anyway.