Arc interested in another fighting game

Don’t know if anyone read the article on the HP

Interesting that GG was targeted towards the DC, though its origin is PSX - interesting they didn’t go for PS2, that is.

I wonder what they can come up with. I mean, I don’t really like the progression from GG > BB, and P4A wasn’t a real shiner in my eyes… But it would be interesting to see. I hope it stays 2D.

I just wanna see Guilty Blue!

Slayer, Johnny, Hazama, and Hakumen in the same game?! Mind…blown.

Good luck to them, though. I’m confident they can pull off something new.

Even tho I don’t play Arc games, I admire their work a lot and I hope they are successful!

I wish snk would be a little more like Arc

How so?

Go back to GG’s features and built upon them to top GG. Fuck removing options as “accessibility”.

Capcom should subcontract Arc to do Darkstalkers 4.

But seriously, it’d be cool to see them get away from their usual formula.


If they aint gonna assemble the ol’ team to do Darkstalkers 4, then Darkstalkers should end with Savior.

As long as there’s someone who can do full-fledged combos using nothing but projectiles, I’m fine with whatever direction Arc wants to take next.

Like that robot chick from the first BB? (idk, that’s the only one I played)

There’s one in all of the BB games, but yes. Exactly like that.

Arc has released plenty of games for the ps3/360 like all blazblue updates gg+, persona,hard corps and other games with solid netcode and they have already stated they will develop a new game for ps4(new ip!!!,brand new game!!) awesome. from snk what do we get?! kof xii fiasco with horrid network in 2009, we get kof xiii a year later but just for arcades. We had to wait anothet year for kof xiii to be released on consoles, we got more characters and tweeks in return but the netcode is still balls. Kof 98um and kof 2k2um for 360 are unplayable online as well. no new metal slug. No new last blade, garou 2, Samsho 7, world heroes exellent, super battle colliseum, fury of the dragons or waku waku 14 nothing. They don’t even have to worry about making a new title, they can just work with their old franchises… damn snk why don’t you want my money?!..sigh I think they’re working on something now but like they always do they won’t say anything for a while and they won’t fix the netcode.

Some of those games you mentioned are not owned by SNK.

Rage of the Dragons (Mexican art team went bankrupt) (Noise Factory content working on Power Instinct)
Waku Waku (Sunsoft owns it)
Fighter’s History/Karnov’s Revenge owned by G-Mode(only Data East IP G-Mode didn’t get was Metal Max Enterbrain got that)
Breakers (Visco owns it but in a few years some one might be able to get it)
Kabuki Klash (Konami has it now where they bought Hudson)

I hope they at least upgrade the graphics engine. They should at least have real time per-pixel lighting and shading with depth maps.

Lol waku waku. That final boss is the cutest boss I ever seen

keep ASW away from DS


Probably doesn’t want them to turn it into GG w/ Vampire chars I guess.

If ASW can keep Savior’s style of play I’d be all for it. They’d probably do a better job of it than present Capcom at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather Arc keep away from Darkstalkers. That’s capcom’s property.

Blazblue is nice. I wonder what’s next.

Yeah, dont let arc system touch darkstalkers, we want DS4 with jab engine and slow fights than something fast paced like vampire savior or guilty gear…its not like Arc System had some staff from Darkstalkers, that not important.