Ok, so i have a guy to tell me that he thinks that there should be a game like Guilty GearxStreet Fighter, of course i was like “NO, WHY??” and he replied, well since they made a capcom vs snk game and it worked out pretty well, (he loves capcom vs snk2 and how they made the capcom characters work with the snk mechanics a bit.) and marvel vs capcom title lasted a pretty long time, people are still playing it. Then he began talking about it story wise saying that if ryu could take down the hulk, he should be able to handle sol badguy or potemkin. this kid knows his game history and has even competed at EVO a few times. Personally i think hes crazy, arc sys wrks charcters are too strong and even in game they would be to much for street fighter charcters to handle. Maybe if the alter the mechanics a bit for street fighter but that would mean that the street fighter characters themselves would have to do with alot of changing. i think hes crazy but what do you think?


The game was rumoured long ago, I think it was even announced in early development or something like that.

But everything ended up in a Sengoku Basara fighting game.

I don’t know if I would like a game like that, I’d be interested in seeing characters from Darkstalkers adapted by Arc but who knows.


No fantasy threads.


I don’t think they should even attempt this. I keep thinking about it but I see failure each time. Besides I’m not the one who brought the cross over up, I just brought this up to see what the people think. I don’t agree with it.


It’s your thread so yes you did indeed bring this up.


Well regardless about the crossover yay or nay?


Don’t care either way, I’m not really a cross over game player.


^-- Yup.

Please read the FGD Rules thread, which states “No fantasy or wish list threads”. You can use the FGD Lounge thread for this kind of thing.

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