Arcade 3s Tourneys during WNF at SuperArcade(walnut, ca)

as some of you so cal 3s fans already know, we currently run 3s arcade cab only tournaments during our WNF tourneys every wednesday starting around 9pm. we started out getting about 30 players a tourney and it dropped to 16, back up to 20+, then a pitiful 10. just trying to get word out for any 3s players near the area to stop by and check us out. we will be running these tourneys on head 2 head cabs with japanese sticks and buttons. entry is currently $5 with a $2 venue/raffle fee. ive given away a few sticks to random entrants in attempts to get a bigger turnout. once again, if you love this game and want to support it, please come down and play! no sense bitching about 3soe when you can come play in person and enjoy the game the way it was supposed to be played.

check out our thread in pacsouth forum or check out the WNF tourney announcement to get our address and more info. hope to see you all here!

Going to try my best to get out there this coming WNF.

Anyone who lives inside 3 hours from this place and doesn’t show up to these isn’t truly a fan of the game. Good luck guys. Wish I wasn’t across the country. Love your arcade.

I would make it all of them if gas weren’t so ridiculous in my gay ass jeep.

Then buy a hybrid and stop playing on GGPO.

this week will have a much better turn out i believe. you being away all last week and the issues on the old cabinets kept people away, however now there is a new glorious cab and all is well in the world. can’t wait :encore:

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Support the 3S community, come to WNF wednesdays everyone. No shame in losing to anyone there, everyone is good.

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change the tourneys to friday or saturday! fuck wednesdays! :smokin:

We can just go on Saturday too bro, I’d be down if you came down.

only reason i throw these on weds is because we have ALOT of people here and the odds of getting new people in the scene is much higher. if you guys want to throw them on a saturday i would love it. im not sure what the majority decision is here but like i said, im totally in for a friday night, saturday day/night tourney. also in regards to venue fee, i only charged $2 cause i was giving out a free stick worth $70. in the future no venue fees and all money goes to the pot but it will be pay per play on event mode.

i cant do everything guys, so if someone wants to step up and help gather people up for a tourney, run brackets, etc etc, im all for it. you know i support you guys so support me too please. thanks.

well, had a full 16 man bracket and a couple late comers wanting to sign up after 10pm so that was a decent effort i suppose. im really curious as to where our 30+ people tourneys went? there is no WNF this week due to thanksgiving weekend but we will be running a ST tourney. if there is interest in 3s im all up for throwing another one this coming week so just keep me posted. thanks for the support and see you all here again soon.

had some decent comp this past wednesday even though there wasnt a WNF tourney. had about 16 guys interested in running a tourney but it seems like the 3s crew is really lazy… need someone to take the initiative to make it happen or else your community will just fizzle away guys. looking specifically at you pyro and yi! you guys are pretty much the faces of whats left of 3s and you 2 should seriously help with getting sign-ups etc. i would love to help but… i kind of have an arcade to watch over… so im basically calling you guys out to keep a game alive that you claim to love so much. not trying to say others arent doing a good job, but i think its only fair to call out yi and pyro since they are the most consistent winners of the tourneys here and should take this burden upon them to save what has rewarded them.

on nov 30th we ran a 16 man tourney and thanks to pyro for stepping up and running it. just need people to be leaders and help keep the scene alive and thanks to all who showed up and continue to support the 3s scene. hopefully more can make it down this wednesday on dec 7th and we can run another tourney for you guys. thanks for coming and hope you all had fun!


wow pyro running a tournament?? I can’t believe it!

whats next?? an arcade perfect console version of 3rd strike??

you guys interested in starting up 3s tourneys again during WNF or starting something like a bi-weekly thing? you know where i am, come lemme know what you guys wanna do.