ARCADE ALTERCATION *8-1-09* SFIV, BB, CvS2, KOF98 ++ Cincinnati, OH

Games: Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Capcom vs SNK 2 (arcade), King of Fighters 98 (arcade) + bonus Terminator 2 pinball tournament

When: Saturday August 1st, 2009 - Doors open at 11 am

BlazBlue starts at 2pm
Capcom vs SNK 2 starts at 3pm
Street Fighter IV and King of Fighters 98 start at 6pm
Best of 3 - Double elimination FOR ALL GAMES
Each match is 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 3 round games to advance
Grand Finals, Winner’s Finals and Loser’s Finals will be 3/5 matches.

BlazBlue: Gold/unlimited/super saiyan characters are banned. no button mapping/binding for the right analog stick.
CvS2: 1. Roll Cancelling is allowed, 2. No EX Grooves allowed, 3. You may not use the same character twice on one team, 4. Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play
SFIV: no character bans.
KOF98: no bans
Winner Keeps same character(s)/Loser may Change character(s)

If you enter ANY tournament you get FREE entry to play in the TERMINATOR 2 pinball tournament. You can play anytime throughout the day and submit your score. Highest score at the end of the night wins a prize yet to be determined. No machine hogging. Play once then give some others a chance to play before you jump back on. Pinball game subject to change if we are having mechanical issues with T2.

Where: 2 miles off exit 42 on I-275 in Fairfield. About 20 minutes North of downtown Cincinnati. 45 Minutes from Dayton.

Address:5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

You can pay and register in the arcade during business hours or call us at 513-874-8766 and pay with a credit card over the phone. You can also pay by PAYPAL on our website - Just go to the tournament page and scroll to the bottom
Cost is $10 admission to the arcade (which includes ALL DAY FREE PLAY on all 50+ games we have - discounted from $12) and $10 for a single game that goes toward the pot. Sign up for TWO games and it’s $16. THREE and it’s $21. FOUR and it’s $26. The money is evenly split between the games when you play in 2 or more. We take no money from the tournament fee. Top 3 takes it all.

Cash Prizes (70/20/10) *PLUS a free admission to come back to the top 3 in SFIV & BB only. PLUS a $25 gift card from our local GameStop to the winner of SFIV! Thanks to Brian at the BRIDGEWATER FALLS location (Fairfield Township) for his generosity. Please stop in when you are in the area and support those who support us.

PLUS there will be a special mystery prize for the 4th place winners! You may be really excited or end up crying when you recieve it. No bodily harm will be inflicted by the 4th place prize.

Other Important Info: SFIV and BB will be played on PS3
CvS2 and KOF98 will be on our arcade machines. The CvS2 will be completely fixed with all new Happ Competition joysticks (not the Ultimates we had in there last time) and convex competition buttons.
This is a BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER event. We do have some regular game pads and we may have one extra PS3 fight stick available for loan.
Unless an ungodly amount of people show up and we need the space for the big show, we will have the smaller side room open for casuals. Bring your own setups. We have the TV’s. Also, once the SFIV tourney gets closer to the end, we will have the back room available for casuals as well. Get some KOFXII action in.

We will need a couple PS3 setups. Top preference to those who have everything unlocked in SFIV and BB. Free arcade admission for whomever’s setups we use. Please pm me, post a message or call me at the arcade at 513-874-8766 to find out if we still need setups.

You maaaaaay be biting off more than you can chew with this one. You don’t really have the space to facilitate all of this at once. I would rethink this.

What do you mean Josh? If anything I could see it working if SC4 was dropped and KoF stated earlier.

btw, if you want grand finals 3/5, most tournies also have winner’s and loser’s finals also at 3/5 matches. 2/3 can be too random to keep as the final matches.

edit: I just assumed it was KoF12, not an arcade machine. I dunno if there’s a big problem running all that, except that BB will definitely take more than an hour, so SC will need its own dedicated stations apart from BB’s (but maybe that’s how it was planned in the first place?_)

SC4 will not have a huge turnout. KOF98 and Cvs2 are arcade so no extra space required plus I don’t expect too big a turnout for those either. BB should run fine on 3-4 setups and be done by 6pm. The big turnout for last week’s tournament was partly due to FC failing and trash talk. I’d be pleasantly surprised if we did that many again for this one.

Props for the early notice…

If I can make it I will def be down for KOF '98 and XII casuals.

The irony is I was playing 98 as I read this… lawl.


no street fighter 2- remix, st, hyper or otherwise?

Not this time. We are trying to get a Super Turbo board. If we do get it, we will definitely have that at the next tournament. I’m trying to mix it up a bit and give some other games a shot.

Jesse, you give yourself less credit than you deserve. People love AL. I know I do. It’s the best Arcade in the area.

You’re doing all the right things!

Advertising early and mixing things up is the way to go. Most people can’t wait until the next tournament and since you have a ton of stuff they can do during downtime, they won’t be bored.

I agree with Chris. You’re going to be strained for time if you have all of those games. I know you’re not expecting a lot of people for SC4, but what are you going to do if a lot of people show up for it?

I think you need a pre-registration so that way you will be able to estimate how many people are willing to show up for a certain game.

Baby, the main post said free admission to the arcade for the person who’s set up is used. We have everything unlocked for SF4.

Jesse: What do you require to be unlocked in BB? All the characters are there aren’t they? And is unlimited Hakumen and Ragna going to be banned?

BB has no notable unlocks. Gold/unlimited/super saiyan characters should be banned.

All useable characters are playable at start.

It’s the only arcade in the area.

Not many people would consider PC a arcade.

So you don’t really like the arcade you just come because it’s the only one around? I mean, I know we don’t have 3s arcade style yet but it’s not for lack of trying.

Thanks Anchor for the kind words.

Since I am new to this, I shall heed the advice of the forums and drop SC4 (sorry Kam). We will still get in there sometime. It seemed like it would be fine when I thought it out but I see everyone’s point. Better not to jump in so deep right away.

BB has to be beaten with each character to get that one special/ultra/whatever move for each correct? That’s what I was referring to.

Yeah, if Otter agrees, we can have the Astral heats unlocked before Aug. 1st and you can use our PS3 set up. That would mean Otter gets the free entry to the arcade since I’m already getting in for helping you, right?

Well, Maybe it would be best to do a pre-registration, and you can drop the game with the least players next time.

That will work for me. I will have Lee down as one PS3 and both games.

I should be able to get a PAYPAL pre-reg up soon. I will edit the post when that’s done.

Pay-Pal is going to be sweet. Hmmm…how are you going to keep track of who pays? Are you going to print out a receipt for each transaction and keep them on file at AL? Or is each person responsible for showing you a receipt at the door?

When you pay you will need to state which games you are paying for in the comments section. I can then pop each person into my tournament program and it is done and ready for the 1st. I should have that option up tomorrow.

Very clever. You my dear, are smart. :slight_smile:

This is going to be awesome. Gonna have to hop on CvS2 so I don’t get humiliated too badly :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, Jesse. See if Ghaleon can bring his megaphone!

I really like how you’ve spaced the games out. There may be some overlap, but it won’t be much. It also allows for recording of finals for BB and SFIV separately. I might also record CvS2.

Good stuff man. I’ll be happy to bring my PS3 w/ BB and SFIV if there’s a need. I would probably also be a person rocking KOFXII casuals!

Also, keep up the unique names for the events. It’s a small touch, but I like it!

Thanks Nathan. Please do bring the setup. See you tomorrow