ARCADE ALTERCATION *8-1-09* SFIV, BB, CvS2, KOF98 results

Here are the full results and brackets for ARCADE ALTERCATION at Arcade Legends. Lots of great matches and alot of new competition this time. Thanks to all those who came out. Hopefully we will see alot of you soon at the ranbats this month.

First off, the pinball tournament on our PINBOT machine was won by RALPHUS from Dayton with a score of 3,026,870.

brackets for BlazBlue:
brackets for SFIV:


  1. Josh Ballard (Cleveland)
  2. IronZanghief (Columbus)
  3. Carlo (Cincinnati)
  4. Voulkan (Cincinnati)
  5. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  6. Arkayne (Dayton)
  7. The Relic (Dayton)
  8. Geon (Cincinnati)
  9. Williambenhale (Lexington)
  10. Tuna (Cincinnati)
  11. Jonez (Dayton)
  12. Master Marcell (Columbus)
  13. Otter (Dayton)
  14. Krondragon (Columbus)
  15. Hanks (Dayton)
  16. M-Squared (Cincinnati)
  17. Cole (Cincinnati)
  18. Trickster (Cincinnati)
  19. Grimace (Cincinnati)
  20. Scott D (Cincinnati)
  21. Ralphus (Dayton)
  22. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  23. Todd (Cincinnati)
  24. Phryxsos (Cincinnati)
  25. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  26. Jack G (Cincinnati)
  27. Shannne (Lebanon KY)
  28. Stubby (Lebanon KY)
  29. Osirun (Dayton)
  30. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  31. Dave S (Cincinnati)
  32. Steel Samurai (Cincinnati)


  1. Ryan-Bill (Moorehead KY)
  2. Jack G (Cincinnati)
  3. Brent-Quest (Morehead)
  4. Josh Ballard (Cleveland)
  5. Mow (Cincinnati)
  6. SohoFalco (Cincinnati)
  7. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  8. Tuna (Cincinnati)
  9. Arkayne (Dayton)
  10. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  11. Otter (Dayton)
  12. Face (Columbus)
  13. Stubby (Lebanon KY)
  14. Top–Tier (Columbus)
  15. The Red Cyclone (Cincinnati)
  16. BlueNu (Cincinnati)
  17. Osirun (Dayton)
  18. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  19. Trickster (Cincinnati)
  20. Loco Moses (Cincinnati)
  21. Dandy J (Columbus)
  22. The Real KT (Dayton)
  23. Urban Yeti (Cincinnati)
  24. Ralphus (Dayton)
  25. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  26. Shannne (Cincinnati)

Capcom vs SNK 2 (round robin)

  1. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  2. Dandy J (Columbus)
  3. Otter (Dayton)
  4. Mow (Cincinnati)
  5. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  6. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  7. Osirun (Dayton)

King of Fighters 98 (round robin)

  1. Dandy J (Columbus)
  2. Mow (Cincinnati)
  3. Kyle (Cincinnati)
  4. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  5. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  6. Osirun (Dayton)
  7. Loco Moses (Cincinnati)

Good Job to Josh Ballard from Iron Zhangief

Had a great time. Kinda bummed there wasn’t more interest in the side tourneys, but I guess that was to be expected. Thanks again to Jesse and AL for hosting another great event!

Yeah its kind of mind blowing that people don’t have 5 bucks to make other people’s day, but at least the side tournaments HAPPENED this time.

I had a great time. I’m going to attempt to come to one ranbat but can’t decide which. I love Blazblue but I literally get 9th in every tournament. FML.

GGs to everyone I played! Another fun event for sure. KOF12 might suck online but I am down for coming down often and helping anyone who is interested in playing. I’m probably going to pick up a used copy soonish.

Shoutouts time!

Anchor - Sorry I’m still NOT 21, it’ll be a few more months.

Osirun - Good stuff Nathan, thanks again for letting me have my hands on TvC. And our CvS2 and KOF98 matches were great, close to the wire and could have gone either way. How I like them.

Angelo - (did I spell that right?) Great to see you again. I have to make sure your damned Litchi doesn’t demolish me the next time we meet.

DandyJ - Gettin’ that KOF money. Good games in the side-tournaments.

Arkayne - Always good to see you, and the PS3 thing was too funny. (Hope its still working all right!)

I’ll toss out more when I can think of em.

Good Job to the Bang player that took Blazblue. That was some sick ass shit going on there.
GG’s to everyone I played, but esp to Mow and Brent-Quest. Y’all showed me a lot of stuff to try out with Litchi. Aside from, you know, wrecking me and all that. :rofl:
Oh yeah and GG’s with all the casuals Otter. Sick CvS2 game too. Although that DKO match was probably more interesting.

Haha, yeah for sure. Lets get some matches in over Live sometime. It’ll be fun.

Ah good, I’ve finally gotten around to this results thread! Now I’ll be able to label the vids properly and get them out on Midwest Fighting Games soon.

how many cvs2 entrants?

Sadly only 7. Such a fun game too.

BB and SFIV finals vids are uploading.

And btw, I was -this- close to getting that PinBot victory! Ralphus played a very good game for that 3 million, and I was regularly hitting 1.5 million. Oh, so close :sad:

Rematch him, he’ll be down this weekend for the 2v2 Ranbat after party.

And @AL: Yeah, CvS2 is a hell of a lot of fun. I know it was a low turn out but it’d be cool if you could run it again.