Arcade Alternative/Addition?

So this is why everyone is not going to hbb’s anymore

great ideas, love em :tup:
we have something like that over here. not a long of people play 2d fighters, though.

The townside players still go, but Zones is so much closer for a lot of us - especially the Blunt players. I live right across the street. :lol: I don’t mind going to HBB once in awhile but lately all the sticks/buttons have been broke and I don’t want to waste time and gas driving down there.

Does anyone know if Cybercafes actually advertise either? I think basically they are the same as arcades were in the mid 80’s: just sitting there, setting up the machines and letting people go.

The problem is FPS’s and MMORPG’s are the ‘in’ thing, Fighting games as a genre is not that big compared to the huge DDR, Counterstrike, and StarCraft fanbases.

An arcade going for console play is a bad idea because you have the wrong fanbase there to support it. Arcade players go to arcades to play arcade games. It’s like sticking a Head to Head Arcade machine in the middle of a Net Cafe. You’re targetting the wrong type of people.

The best way to do it would be to go console with a Net Cafe, since Net Cafe people prefer to play at home and would be accustommed to control pads instead of arcade sticks. Have a Lounge Chair set up and a decent sized tv(It doesn’t have to be huge, so the players can keep their egos) and you have the stage set for a pretty good side attraction.

I really wish I could, but currently I’m still struggling in my current situation. It will be a long time before I’m financially secure enough to take on a venture like this.

But, I do have hope for the future. I am trying to get financially secure enough to do something like this.

Right. No one said that 2D fighters had to be the main attraction. If anything, it would probably do a lot better if it were an cafe/arcade hybrid, and just had the available 2D fighters there on the side for those interested.

The way I see it, cafe’s work. Cafe’s work because they provide a service in a public area that not everybody has access to at home. They generate profit. People like to visit them for lan parties or to access the internet or for online gaming. Would a cafe really sink if it invested just a little bit to supply some extra TV’s, consoles, and custom arcade sticks? I don’t think so. I think a cafe could really benefit from the added service, and it makes sense to have extra gaming going on in a cafe already full of gaming regulars.

And more importantly, what’s to stop them from holding tournaments on the side from extra promotion (and potentially profit)? It would be fairly easy and cheap to promote such a service since you’re already promoting other similar services.

And at least the company would be providing for it and promoting it, rather than leaving it to the random players. If you leave things to the players, things don’t always get done.

Weve been doing this ever since our last great arcade, golden token, shut down without notice.

we go to gamelords, and friday nights and saturday nights are fight night, 5 to 11 pm for 7$, but we get 6 , 60inch widescreen hd tvs for ourselves and we play all night, and its in the middle of a beach and carnival/park area, so the sceanery and area is sweet, hot bitches outside and lots of crap to do if a tournys in progress, and hella roomy with leather sofas. very nice, i could get used to it, and no more bitching about sitcks and shit not working right, you bring your own, so if its faulty its no ones fault but yours.

That seems exactly what I’m aiming at, especially the sofas I was thinking about. Plus I wanted a kind of anime-ish type feel here. Maybe have like some anime running or so.