Arcade around UCSB?

As topic says, is there any arcades around ucsb? This is my first year here at sb so I am not quite familiar with the surroundings.:confused:

Thanks in advance.

there used to be an arcade at the ucen but i think that was removed. there were also some arcade cabinets at Q’s billiard but that was shut down several months back. there’s not really much around the sb area so your best bet is to head over to denjin.

oh, ok I thought it would be like other ucs where theres arcade ._. even ucd has one … oh well thanks for the quick respond.

dont know if there still is, but im sure there was a guilty gear isuka arcade machine in Zodos bowling. this was awhile back. its probably gone now.

first year at santa barbera, eh? I’m sure you’ve gotten laid a MINIMUM half-dozen times already lol

Not always so!

lol, that’s quite a number.

Yea I’m from Camarillo, about 1 hour south of SB. I graduated from UCD, and the arcade on campus was awesome. THey had all the popular games, and between classes there was always competition. they even held tournies too. I checked their thread and its still poppin’ up there. As for UCSB, i dont ever remember there being an acrade when i was on campus visiting. Denjin is about 30 min. from camarillo, and thats about 1.5 hours for you :rolleyes: It’d be a great weekend trip or Fri night mission.