Arcade board computer AI difficulty: JP ST vs USA ST Vs Anniversary

I own a USA (blue board) arcade ST and an Anniversary (green board) arcade ST. My friend just bought a Japan (Green Board) arcade ST.

First of all let me just say that all of them are hard when playing the computer even on the most difficult setting. It’s ST.

USA (blue board) and Anniversary (Green Board) is hard as well. Japan ST aka Grand Master Challenge is slightly easier when playing the computer.

Does anyone else agree with these results?

If you can please breakdown any other differences between these three games.

Thank you.

That’s factual. Western arcade owners have always seen the player as a profiteer who takes advantage of their business. In essence, the skilled player was seen as an enemy. Thus, they demanded difficulty settings to be as high as possible. Also, GMC is the polished version of the game: USA and World versions are quite buggy.

We all know the world version has the o.gief reversal bug.

But what bugs does the USA version have that the GMC doesn’t? (and also asia version, which is exactly the same as USA version except there is no free play option).

I like the hard AI but they are one dimensional (i.e. they are really good at reacting to what you do, using normals to beat your stuff, punish your whiff, reversal special/counter throw etc).

I just wish the AI knows how to do rush down/mixup with knockdown, safe jump you, cross you up whenever they can, etc, so you could practice the counter for those.

An AI with good safe jump %, occasional good spaced/timed tick throw, some cross up / mixup game, good % whiff punish would be more fun to play against than the retarded damage scaling + 100% react to what you do then punish AI.

Right now, I recall the sprite glitches during the attract mode, and some stuff like number of coins showing up if you press certain buttons. Also, dialogues, quotes and special attack input listings (when you die) are missing. In addition to it, the game often crashes if you beat it with Akuma. As for the Asia version, I have never played it.

Thanks for the info guys.

My USA ST is also phoenixed, which means I could select different regions. So if I set my ST to GMC is that version legit? Meaning is it the real Grand Master Challenge with all the original Japanese Turbo speeds and computer AI intact?

I hope so.

Can you check if you can instant dizzy with gief’s neutral jump headbutt with your phoenixed US ST (set to JP region)?

I recall someone testing that but I forget what the conclusion is.

Yes Zangief’s neutral works when I set it to GMC version.

It also has no freeplay so I had to put quarters into my cabinet lol.

If anyone could list the differences between USA and GMC ST please. The more details the better:)

Some more differences: ST Wiki.

Cool thanks. Gotta check out that Yoga Hyper Book.

Another difference is yes GMC is much easier then ST when playing the computer. I’m pretty good at ST but I was surprise how easy the computer was and how easy it was to get to Akuma. You can jump and attack your opponents in GMC. In ST the computer is super stingy when you jump on them.

Also another difference is in the Cammy voices in ST she’s says “Cannon Drill/Thrust Kick”. In GMC she’s says “Spiral Arrow/Cannon Spike”. Dee Jay’s Max Out also sounds different.

Even though I probably like GMC better, I put my machine back on USA ST simply because I need the freeplay on. For me putting quarters in is such a hassle lol:p

Oh for some reason GMC challenge feels much smoother than ST especially when I use the shotos. I can’t put my finger onto why but it just feels smoother. Anyone have any theories why?

After playing Super Turbo for a long long time, I still can’t cancel supers well.

Can anyone do a down middle kick xx super fireball consistently with Ryu? Or better yet jump in roundhouse, crouching forward kick, cancel super fireball in an actual battle?

I wish I mastered that a long time ago. And I can’t even do it now lol. Sigh after all these years.

The input window to cancel (not link) from a normal into a super is extremely small (I think it’s ~6f). To consistently do mk xx super fireball generally requires you to buffer a qcf and then do the into the next qcf into punch.

Ya that’s kinda tough. Especially when you’re use to canceling supers in the Alpha Series and Three Series. Back in the day when ST was out there was no Internet or Youtube to teach us how to do it.

More questions:

Is the Anniversary arcade board a good substitute for ST if you don’t have ST around? Granted you’re only using ST characters. One bad thing about Anni I know is that when you pick OG characters (No Super Bar) by holding start before you pick ST mode, is that when an ST character gets thrown by a OG character, the ST character can’t soften the throw. In ST if an ST character gets thrown by a OG character, that ST character can soften throws.

Also for those who collect CPS-2 arcade boards. What’s your opinion on Phoenixing? I personally love it because I don’t have to deal with the battery dying and I could select all regions. But there are some purist that don’t like phoenixing boards. They still like keeping them battery powered.

When I buy B boards I prefer to buy unphoenixed boards. That’s just my preference as I know there are people who do enjoy the freedom of phoenixed, and technically the game is the same with slight changes to the boot process.

Yes it says Capcom Phoenix edition when it boots up. I wish the guy who made the Phoenix roms didn’t do that. I wish it would boot up normal with the regular Capcom logo but that’s just nitpicking.

The only CPS-2 board that is not Phoenixed for me is my Street Fighter Alpha 2 board. That is still battery powered. The reason why it’s battery power is because the Phoenixed roms that go into the Alpha 2 board are based on the Japanese version. I once had a Phoenixed Zero 2 board and I couldn’t pick evil Ryu even when I changed it to American. So I sold it and bought A blue USA board since you can still pick evil Ryu.

You know that I wish was phoenixed is Street Fighter III Third Strike. But it’s a different system (CPS-3). I need someone to be able to Phoenix 3S. Changing a battery in a 3S is impossible and a lot of times doesn’t work. It’s been out since 1999. I wish someone would figure it out soon before another 3S cart of mine goes dead.

The internet and WWW were actually well into existence by 1994. There were already plenty of FAQs and Usenet discussions (at by then. Many universities, libraries, and even ISPs offered access. The thing was though that not everyone knew it was a tool or cared about competitive fighters.

As for CPS2 AE, it’s a last resort option for ST. It’s technically more balanced because o.Sagat’s tiger is toned down, n.claw’s wall dive motion is replaced with the messed up o.claw wall dive motion, and o.character throws can’t be teched but that’s just not accurate ST. Not to mention T2 speed feels too slow and T3 feels too fast.

And regarding CPS2, I prefer the convenience of phoenixed boards but sympathize with those who feel it makes the game into a boot. ST works fine phoenixed in any region on any board but not every board has ROMs required for a certain region (e.g. SFZ3 doesn’t work on a phoenixed A3). Anyway, I’ve never heard of a CPS3 battery change fail unless the person changing made a mistake; certainly not worth risking for a soldering novice though.

Wow this is really a big deal for me. Especially with the speed. Will not try to subsitute Anniv for ST.

That’s good to know about the ROMS. What would happen though if you phoenixed a Green Board Zero 3? Does that mean it’s not wise to Phoenix a Green Board Zero 3? So far all my boards are blue boards.

Dealing with a CPS-3 battery can be a nightmare. I heard a many horror stories. I heard that some people would change the battery and it would work but a week later it would die. Scary stuff.

If I could find a place where I could get Japanese 3S carts I would be fine. But right now I got one Asian version which means the hadoken and shoryuken voices are “censored”.