Arcade box (fight stick box)

i search the forum and i seen a couple of things … but wht i am wondering is … is there a website where i can buy a custom box ( like a hollow one) where i can just buy the parts … i have seen a couple but there are waiting list … im looking for a site where i can order with out waiting … any help would be great … or a blueprint to specs on a box that i could build my self

Well what you see is what you get…Because of sf4 alot of stick builders (or new stick builders)ordered parts from the net…so its prbably out of stock in norrisarcadesticks and the trading outlet

your best bet is buying an arcade stick with crappy buttons and stuff…adn just mod it looks like they’ll have some more in stock soon.

just buy a cheap hori and put good parts in it

The Hori EX2 (which is what I’m guessing you’re talking about) has skyrocketed in price lately. Amazon is selling them for around $100, and eBay isn’t much cheaper. At this point, if you have the know-how, it’d be more worth it to build one of your own, and just got a bunch of new stuff in and sells empty boxes as well.

yea its way less expensive at this point to built one… i might just home depot my own box… f-uhk it

yeah… i have no shame :cool:

Haha. Modchipman is good and. I like Shaft Agents design too.