Arcade cab help... 3s on a JVC wired cabinet

So I got ahold of a Third Strike CPS3 board with the disc and key and the whole deal. Battery freshly changed. Obviously it’s JAMMA. The cab I have available is a net city (iirc) wired for JVC. I need a converter to go from JAMMA into a JVC.
I’ve searched for this low and hi (to the best of my knowledge) and found only the opposite of what I need. A converter that allows a JVC board to be plugged into a JAMMA wired cab. That doesn’t help.

Can anyone point me in the direction of something that will allow me to accomplish this goal or help me with a little advice on rigging it myself if possible. I’m good with electronics and have put together these kinds of things before… I’ve just never had a cab with such new wiring. JVC is after my time. It will be a new pickup from a friend.

Thanks in advance for the time and space.