Arcade Cab Newbie


Not sure if this is the right place to post something like this but here goes.

I’m interested in getting started collecting Capcom CPS style games (mostly fighters) and to be frank I’m kind of lost.

From what I gather, these games use a JAMMA style connector for the controller inputs and A/V outputs. Typically, you’d either install these games in an arcade cabinet or need some kind of adapter to connect to anything else like a tv.

My goal is to start out with one cabinet that I can swap games out of with somewhat relative ease and if I decide to buy more cabs I can go from there (I really like the Japanese style “candy” cabs).

So my biggest question is, I found an X-Men vs Street Fighter machine very close to me and I want to know if it’ll be able to do what I want. By all accounts everything is in working order and good condition.
I have heard about the “suicide” batteries Capcom installs on these games and I am worried about that. I have heard of the “Phoenix” method of reviving the games but I’d rather just get the battery replaced without having to deal with getting the rom’s flashed.

Any help or tips are appreciated. Thanks!


Yes theses games uses a JAMMA connector, with a few exceptions, mostly older arcade boards and some obscure stuff everything uses JAMMA.

Very few boards output A/V in any format a off the shelf TV or PC monitor would be compatible with. Most people will need a signal converter.
Many Arcade cabs uses a form of CGA connection (RGB) and the signal broadcasts on a 15 hz signal.
Fortunately a fully working Arcade cab has a working Monitor that will accept a 15hz RGB Signal.


For future arcade related questions there is an arcade section here in Tech. Post them there.

To answer your question about Street Fighter vs X-men arcade cab will work with other CPS2 games & the answer would be yes. Its pretty much plug n play with all cps2 games. Is this a japanese candy cab or american standup woody?

Anyway, here are some stuff you need to know about CPS2
CPS2 consist of two boards
A Board - Mother Board
B Board - Game itself

There is different region codes so boards need to match each other except for Blue(USA) & Green(Japan) they can share the same A Board.
Other boards like grey(Asia) & Orange(espanol) need a dedicated A board.

The battery you mention needs to be replace every 3-5 years or so but most people do it no more then 2 years. You can do it yourself but if you mess up the board will suicide within 45min to hour time limit you have to replace it.

Your X-men vs Street Fighter cab will also be able to play all Jamma board games. This includes Neo-Geo, Atomiswave, & CPS1 games…

The thing you would have to worry about though is the kick buttons (4, 5, 6) They are completely different from a CPS2 kick harness. For CPS1 there is an adapter you can put at the end to your CPS2 kick harness. A guy name Franco makes these, i can give you his info if you want to get his adapter or you can just buy yourself a CPS1 kick harness on ebay.

Need more info let me know.