Arcade Cabinet Button Remapping

Recently my city of Xiamen has acquired an SFIV arcade setup however there is a major problem. The HK/Roundhouse button has not been mapped on either machine, I tried to explain to the staff in my chinglishness that the game isn’t good to play without all six buttons (Obviously it shutdowns heaps of once winnable matchups and ultras.) I convinced them to allow me to fix it up for them, which is worthwhile for me because I can at the same time change the settings (Damage too high, beginner mode garbage, loud volume etc)

I’ve done plenty of test screen stuff with SFIV as a result of working at a game shop overseas and occasionally fixing up the buttons but I’ve never mapped them before which I assume is more hands on and inside the guts of the machine.

The cabinet appears to be a china remake of the international Tekken 6 HD cabinets, if exact model name is necessary I can retrieve it for you. The cabinets are new, good buttons and sticks and everything other than HK works splendidly.

If anyone can help me with the subject of cabinet remapping it would be hugely appreciated.

SF4 Arcade runs on Taito Type X2 right? If it’s anything like the BBCS that got leaked, you should look for and run typex_config.exe on the PC (not sure how you get to the XP part though without launching the game) and map the controls there.

Thanks for the reply drunkninja! I don’t know how to access the PC interface though either. Anymore help friends?