Arcade Cabinet Conversion Input

Hey everybody. Lately I’ve been thinking about putting some time into making my own Arcade Cabinet. I was thinking about it and I could make the entire thing from the ground up but I think converting an existing cabinet might be the way to go.

After doing some looking around in my area I found someone who’s got an Afterburner cabinet for sale for a very very low price. Now it’s a little awkward shaped but do you think I could make it work?*/271a06c0040a6f737c8d48014e04ccd1?ts=1284859257000&ctyp=other

Here’s an image of what I’d be working with, but it’s totally gutted already.

Any input? :smiley:

Anything is possible, but I would see if you could find an empty Dynamo or Big Blue cabinet. They are much easier to work with. I found a gutted Dynamo for 50$ on Craigslist and it was really easy to work with to get a SF2 setup in.

I think that cab would be too much trouble to convert to something decent for fighting games. You’re probably better off getting something better suited to the project rather than trying to frankenstein that to work for you.