Arcade Cabinet Information

Just wondering if anyone is knowledgeable about the wide spectrum of arcade cabinets. My focus is mostly on fighting games etc… I dont know if there are already any threads about this sort of thing? but I am looking for whatever information I can get. I’m an arcade cab noob.

This is the kind of discussion I’m looking for too, any contribution is apreciated.

What are your opinions on these cabinets? I.e Parts, Monitor, Price, Hackability etc.

hmn I actually have no clue on that one.

I’m an arcades noob.

but I did buy this:

has to be the worst alignment job i have EVER seen

Yea Shodokan I’m looking at that. I’m really going to have to fix that when i put in the aditional jama components so that i can run sf games on that cab.

GL with that.

U should have just build ur own or somthing.