Arcade Cabinet Marquee Contest (35$ for best one)

Ok… last time i did a contest i didn’t really have many entrys… but this time i am going to do a prize for the top 3 place finishers!

Theme: Guilty Gear Vs. 3rd Strike
Dimensions: 27 inches wide, 15 inches high

  • Text (can be small, on there somewhere)
  • GG: AC logo
  • 3s Logo
  • HIGH dpi (250+)

If you wanna add chars or somthing go crazy… just make it look good

Preferably i’d like to have vector art if possible because it seems to look best when stretched as big as it needs to be for the marquee… but do what u can.

Deadline: October 12th

no one is interested in doing this?

Probably not for $15 and random stuff.

You may want to try your request here…,13.0.html
Only don’t do a contest, just put the request out there and you might get a few offers. There are a few that hire out artwork and this is right up their alley.


as opposed to doing stick art for 1-6 montha premium?

thx kaytrim… made a post

Well there’s people posting things in those threads, isn’t there? Everytime I’ve offered money for stickart, I get replies, so you’d be better off bumping up your cash but hey, it’s worked for you so far so stick with it. :tup:

for a big piece like this most artist will tell you to pay alot or u get laughed at

it’s not much bigger than stick art

but if i am bumping the price up, i’d only pay for the one i choose to use… so thats what ima do.

I think another reason people haven’t picked this up is because it’s smack dab in the middle of the school semester. People are hella busy. I would love to take a crack at this, but I wouldn’t get a chance to put time into something this big until around thanksgiving. Sorry man.

makes sense