Arcade cabinet plan

Im looking plan for this “Arcade cabinet”

anyone got any idea?

(mod please move if not good section)

Right here

OMG I love you guys. i was so desperated looking for one.


that is so pimp… i wish i had money :frowning:

i wish i had the wood work talent to do it… i can buy the stuff, i just don’t have the wood work talent :frowning:

Same for me, now i only need for looking someone to do it for me. (montreal , canada? anyone? lol)

actually… i don’t even know how to read those plans… i could probably get someone to do it for me… but i have nfi how to read those plans :S

Download Google Sketchup. It’s free.

If you don’t know where to get it… err… Google it.

Someone in the trading forums is selling vewlix clones
for $2000 a pop. They look amazing. He needs a group
of 5 to justify the import though. That would be the easiest
and possibly cheapest route if you want a vewlix in your house.