Arcade Cabinet Quetions?


Well first off let me introduce my situation; one of my instructors at college has issued me the task of building an arcade cabinet for Games that the Students develop. This cabinet I’m building isn’t for a grade or anything but he knew I was more into the arcade scene then the majority of the other students.

Anyhow I was wondering if anyone knew of a good Arcade Cabinet Kit or knew any information about building a decent one. The concept my instructor had came from but I wanted to keep my options open.

The cabinet will be in the ATC Lobby for students and visitors to test out video games made by the students, so I would need to hide the keyboard and mouse compartment from there use. But that could be easily fixed with a lock I suppose.

If anyone has any suggestions or information let me know it would be greatly appreciated.


There are a couple ways you can go about doing this.

The one site I know of that sells kits is

I’d say your best bet will be to read and follow some of the many tutorials you can find through google and also watch some video tutorials to get an idea of what you’ll be doing.

You can also try to find old shells from broken machines for cheap. They’ll probably limit you to buying an arcade monitor for the screen to be flush with the cabinet though but you could also modify that.

Wait, the instructor is paying for this right?


Considering it’s going to be on display for the public to use and see, it will have to be a stand-up type. I’m thinking maybe have the screen be a bit further away from the users just so the spectators can see as well. Either that or have two screens in clone mode, one in front of the players and one slightly above so people can see.


What’s the budget he’s given you? That’ll dictate what you can do.


Get a showcase cabinet! Here’s a pic of my Point Blank 2


Kray’s Vewlix?



I fucking love you.


There’s a mine of useful information at BYOAC (Build Your Own Arcade Controls Forum) under Project Announcements. I’d give you a link to my Vewlix but agree that this is going to need to be more of a regular stand-up type cab.


Sorry for the Delay in my reply, I’ve been fighting with TWC to come fix my drop, but they keep blaming it on my router…story for another time though.

I’ll checked out that site I can’t believe I didn’t stubble across it, it has some pretty neat looking stuff.

The monitor we already have the only thing I really need to do is build the cabinet to house the PC, Monitor, etc… I will need a decent button layout though to allow people to select the games they wish to play and have some versatility in control styles because not every game on it will be made specifically for an Arcade Cabinet but we are trying to do our best at it. So I figured the Track Ball with 3 Arcade buttons above it could replace a mouse. XD

Yes I will be payed for building the cabinet, I’m a Lab Tech in the ATC and he didn’t have any jobs for me this semester besides tutoring Freshman Gaming Classes and working in the Motion Capture lab and it wasn’t enough to fill my hours so he gave me something fun to do.

Yeah I want something that looks slick so that it gets the publics attention.

That cabinet is amazing looking and would be perfect for the Lobby with its Sleek/Slim look it has, though I would have to get a new monitor for it… Though it is an option I’m willing to present to him.

Thanks for everyone’s information and suggestions I really appreciate the help, I’ll look into what I need more and try and make a list of what we have/need and see if anyone else has some ideas.