Arcade cabinet sold


I really hope that Bob Painter really enjoys the cabinet.

If you are interested IM or Email will be the fastest way to get a hold of me.


don’t do it. don’t sell your baby.



this needs to be played and I am not going to do it. Since EVO 2010 I have only turned it on ONE time. What really made me decide on this is that I just cant see my self lugging this around in 10 years. Hell even in one year.

I have moved on from this hobby and there isn’t anything left for me in ST. So its time to pass it on to another.


I can’t believe that cabinet is like 6 years old already. And I can’t believe you’re selling it. That cabinet is like a labor of love to ST by you and SaBrE.

I also sincerely hope it finds a good home.

PS: Does the cat come with the cabinet?


Say it ain’t so!!! :frowning:


i just feel you’ll regret it later. it’s like a pool table or ping pong table, just something to have in a game room but it isn’t so easily replaceable.


Hi bob. I’m interested in your cab.


Well i’m glad for you. But it would help you if you actually contacted me like i mentioned. BTW I don’t think i ever said that quote.

BTW I dont really need the money so I’m not going to just sell it to the first asshole with a fist full of $$.

And to all the people saying that I might regret this. Yea i wont. The only thing that I truly regret is all the time i wasted playing this fucking game. I could have a been a fucking brain surgeon with all the time and energy that I put into this bottomless pit of a game.


Fair enuf but moneys here if u change ur mind. It will need shipping to the uk but I can arrange that.

It does seem a shame for you to sell though. Cab has a lot of history and sentimental value. Sounds like You just need some balance. Maybe just play a couple hours a week like me.

You can still be that brain surgeon and have the cab and play for fun.

If you do sell it I guess ul still be online so make sure you hit me up on remix.


Only reason to play is to play the best and be the best. Playing a few hours a week wouldn’t even begin to get that. So nah i would rahter play Minecraft.

I am selling it if I find a buyer. And umm LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL why the hell would i play HDR when i wont even play ST and i liked that game?


So ur an all or nothing guy and You’re at that critical juncture in your life. You can either quit or take it to the next level. I say take it to the next level.

Why don’t we work together to revive the game. Take it to the next level.

We could save sf2 together. Imagine being known as the saviour of sf2. That is some flash gordon shit right there.

With your knowledge and connections and my brains and financial clout we could revive the arcade scene in the us. Cigar bob and eltons arcade.a whole chain of them, all the cigars you can eat.

Think big.

For starters let’s try and get a version of sf2 at evo, be it remix or st. I think between the 2 of us we can do it.


No. I would have rather see ST burn up and disapear just before HDR came out then to see what has become of the sceen.

BTW Fuck sf2 i just loved ST.

Any how move on.

Who wants to buy it.


We all failed cigarbob since we all suck :slight_smile:

And I would like to see a brain surgeon that would talk a lot of shit when he operates (sit the fuck down and don’t move, son) lol

Anyway Bob I understand where you’re coming from and best of luck with your life and your sc2 career =]

I would buy it if I have the space. (and I would have gotten candy cabs long ago)

Hopefully this beautiful cab will find a good home.

This is really a great price for people looking for the true arcade ST experience.
Just the GMC is worth $150-$200 and I see in the picture there are Vampire Savior, Alpha 2 and one more on the left that I can’t recognize…

Bob, how do you get this thing to work with ps2/ps3? You have laugh’s converter and/or toodles’s chips?

BTW guys, dont feed the trolls.


Lol, bravo sir.


CigarBoB keeping it real. :rofl: This is sad to hear, man, but trying to add some life to the ST scene is certainly a respectable decision. Anyone who buys this cab and is willing to bring it to tourneys can accommodate any arcade player in the US.


Holy shit Bob. Sounds like you need some therapy or something. I think if we all spent as much time educating ourselves as playing video games we’d all be brain surgeons and astrophysicists. That being said, I see were you’re coming from. No doubt ST is a great game, but letting it consume your life as with any addiction can be a bad thing. Balance with everything in life seems like the key to happiness.

Anyway, If I lived anywhere near you I would buy that in a heart beat. Good Luck with the sale.

PS… try hitting up Wilson for your sale, he seems like the type of dude that would,should and could buy that from you.


I sure could. Maybe that is what I will use the money for :frowning:

He was the first person i thought of. But he has no real use for a cabinet like this in his arcade/collection. After all he has one of them already and he had ShinGohan make him one that is in his arcade already but only for console. Plus the shipping cost to get it to TN is just too expensive.


For the PS1/2 i have a pad wired into the cabinet hooked up to DB15 connector and i have a Toodles thing in there for the PS3. So what you do is just unplug the DB15 from the stick and just plug it into either the arcade/ps2/ps3 DB15 and you are good to go.

I think that if I dont find a buyer for it I will take it out in the desert and burn it to the ground.


Listen i mean this, if i can help out in any way let me know. I’m a trash talker and an asshole at times but i do it for laughs mostly.

I’ve said a few harsh things about you on another thread cos i disagree with some of your views and i admit iv been on a bit of a wind up, but you do seem upset and i dont like to kick a man when he’s down so for that i apologise.

I’ve removed my signature too.

Listen i promise whatever you’re feeling it will pass, stick around friends, have some time out and do whatever it takes to get back on track. You’re young enough to become a brain surgeon or do whatever you want.

I understand if you tell me to get lost, but im being sincere when i say all this.

And listen re: The cab, dont sell it. Loan it to someone heavily involved in the scene. That way its out of your sight for the timebeing but in the future you can have it back if you want. The time out will do you good, you can retire forever if you choose but you can also come back if you choose and you will have a fresh perspective and renewed vigour and will probably be a better player for it.

Hand over the torch to someone else, see if they can build the scene in your absence. Who knows when you return it may be a scene you like once again and by loaning the cab you will have played your part.

All the best, trust me it will be ok.



There is nothing wrong with me I was just making a joke at my own expense.

And dude NEVER say anything online or offline that you don’t truly mean. If i call you a HDRtard then that is what i said and I have no reason to retract it.

The thing about your signature is that if i actually said that then keep it. If you are just making shit up then have the balls to stand by it and laugh about it.

BTW who the fuck are you?


are you selling your ggpo setup?