Arcade cabinet speakers


Is there a way to access these without taking out the monitor? Are they behind the marquee? I’m trying to fix what sounds like a short in the left speaker. Right one always sounds fine. Left sounds like a muffled barely audible distorted bass only frequency sound.


Would probably help if you specified which cabinet you were talking about…


It’s a 2 player Lethal Enforcers cabinet, looks like a standard dynamo but unsure. Let me get the most recent pics I have of it.
Here is an album of it in it’s various states:,ce7cCRA,ZtSVyB6,J5zARtj,W4GSnIs,dhsWnyQ

This shows it stripped down:


I should also mention, the speaker wires were working fine until I nudged something, or maybe pulled a contact loose.
Before I placed a huge TV in there for the cabinet it is now, I noticed the speaker wires went up into 1/8th circle holes (like for buttons)and then disappeared somewhere behind what I assume is the marquee. If my only option is taking out the TV, and cutting open the place where the speakers are, I’d just as soon find different speakers and wire them up somewhere else on the cabinet (I’m using a small speaker amp that takes the signal from the computer via phono or RCA white/red and sends it to the speakers). I’ve switched inputs, and it’s definitely somewhere along the speaker wiring/speaker itself. The contacts are perfect on the amp, and as far as I can follow the wires up (not far) and I can give them a little tug (not a lot of room) and they seem secure.

The main problem is, when we placed the CRT TV in, it’s in a very odd position that it would almost be impossible to get out (it’s back is almost flush with the cabinet back’s top.)

EDIT: You can hear a slight muffled bass frequency from the speaker, but thats it.