Arcade Cabinet & Supergun Links

I am putting together a Primer and one of the sections is “Arcade Board: Cabinet & Supergun”

Below is the content I have been able to dig up. Please let me know what you would suggest to add/remove from this compilation in order to provide good links while also trying to limit the number of links.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Arcade Board

General Info - Arcade Cabinets & Superguns

Arcade Cabinet

Buy Cabinet


What is a “Supergun”?

Stuff like kick harnesses and controller conversion doesn’t get a lot of coverage but is something SRK folk will be interested in. Similarly, I get the impression that most people here would be happier with JAMMA video -> VGA setups.

Thanks Rufus! :slight_smile:

So should I cut the bottom 3 vids?

Add this one?
Explanation of the Arcade Cabinet Jamma Harnes: [media=youtube]00qL3RDlbSM[/media]

Are there any specific videos you see that would fit what you think works best?

What other links from that thread are either not worth having or inferior to other links (either ones there or other ones you can direct me to)

Also, would any of the following information be helpful to add?

MAME Cabinet
Video: [media=youtube]cBgi53SxCfA[/media]
3D Model: [media=youtube]xA9pUBKMFRY[/media]

Arcade Cabinet

I guess I should have done more thinking before I started typing. What’s the target audience or the purpose of the document?

All good.

It’s an “ST Primer” and it’s a "Guide to all things Super Street Fighter II Turbo"

You can see its current state here:

The “Arcade Board” section is under “Where To Play > Offline At Home > Arcade Board”, with it branching into 2 sections:

  1. cabinet
  2. supergun

But now it looks like maybe I should change “Arcade Board” to “Arcade Cabinet & Supergun”, then include in the “cabinet” branch both Arcade Cabinet and Emulator Cabinet.

I rushed work on it to have it all done by tomorrow for SCR. (this is actually the last section I need to finalize) Are you gonna be there tomorrow?

Yeah, I’ll be around today. Honestly, I’m not a fan of most of the videos, - they seem slow and not that helpful - but at this point I seem to be an ‘in the know’ person and your guide is for ‘not in the know’ people.

You might want to include something like this:
Supergun?! What is a supergun? A supergun is a device for playing arcade games without an arcade cabinet.

From a ‘where to play’ perspective, if you’ve got an arcade cab in your home, you know where to play - the trick is getting other people to show up.

I’m not sure the places you linked to that sell superguns are still going concerns. SSF2T requires a kick harness, which a supergun won’t necessarily support out of the box. Hooking up controllers to superguns can be an interesting proposition.

Things that are ST/CPS-2 specific that owners and buyers should be aware of:
SSF2T has a suicide battery system. (maybe a link for this)
SSF2T requires a CPS-2 Kick Harness - these are not JAMMA standard, but can easily be bought on-line. Superguns and cabinets may require modification for 6 buttons.
There are SSF2T version differences between the Japan, North America, and World boards.
(not a comprehensive list…)

There’s a good thread on building a supergun in the ST forums here: Supergun + arcade CPS2 Super Street Fighter II Turbo I just built mine using pretty much solely information I got there. It’s worth looking at so you can get an idea of some things to add to your document.

Does anyone know if the XRGB-3 will work/scale/output from 24khz VGA source?

Great seeing you at SCR Rufus!

Thanks for the help running it including tackling the Mic, and it was fun getting some games in too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I’ll just skip those vids for now. I hope to keep the info much simpler and easier for digestion.

I will probably scrap my various links and instead link Papasi’s post that rivals linked. That helps keep the ST Primer trimmer and also helps focus interest/questions into that thread. It hits on most the points you raised, and I can add the ones I didn’t see there (regional version differences) to it.

Great find!

Thanks rivals :slight_smile:

I email with Papasi and yet I totally missed this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know enough to provide any help on this. Sorry. :confused:

Thanks. It looks like I’ll be the first to find out? Anyway, worst case scenario I just get a $30 GBS to change the output of Planet Harriers to 31khz and then remove it from the signal chain.

So, regarding the original question: I think that section can be short and sweet:

If you already have the equipment, playing on the arcade hardware is considered the purest form of the game. For assistance getting an existing arcade cabinet or super-gun set-up working you can refer to SRK tech talk (link). For anyone but the extreme purist, an emulator or a home version will be a comparable experience and much more convenient.