Arcade Cabinet


If anyone has some interesting bits to share about making an arcade cabinet post here. I’m thinking of making one and want to know any dos and donts. My up most concern is probably the wiring of the joystick/buttons and doing that all from scratch or should i just buy an X-arcade (pre-built controls). Any thoughts from anyone with experience?




I build a M.A.M.E. Arcade Cab with my old Dell-PC, CRT-Monitor and an empty Cab which I got cheap from a Arcade-Machines dealer… Pics are here, description is (unfortunately) in German:

I love it. :slight_smile:

(Unfortunately, it isn’t completely finished yet… Need a bezel and a coin door… At the moment, I made a bezel out of black cardboard, but wasn’t able to hunt down a suited coin door…)

If you’d like, a can write a short “write-up” in English, how I made the cab and what components it’s made of.

Ah, and yes, DON’T BUY AN X-ARCADE, build your controls from scratch, it’s definitely is worth it.


I promise you that every single person who is experienced both with fighting games and with arcade parts will tell you not to buy an X-Arcade. If you’re new to either of these two things, you may think it’s just great at first, but I swear on my life that it will end in disappointment.


why even make a cab nowadays… its just as good to get a xbox or ps3 hook it up to a nice monitor with no lag and play from there. i would recommend having a custom stick builder make 2 sticks for you and you just hook them up to w/e gaming system u have and play from there.


Because… there’s something to be said about having a cab?

One of my side projects once I get my custom stick business rolling this summer is a cab that I can put a 360 in and it’ll otherwise function and feel exactly like a real SFIV arcade machine.


with all the great games a dreamcast plays, i had an idea for a dreamcast cab. ^_^;;

… i think it would be neat >_>


I had that idea, too. Take some happ controls, make a MvC2 cabinet…

Never leave my basement.


I made a cab once. Looking back, I would just buy a candy.


…I like Candy.



candy cabinet, those mini japanese sit down ones.


Candy = short lil Jap style cabs.
^ damn beat me to it.


Oh, well fosho it’d be a sitdown.

I’ve never been able to stand and play video games. I’m not conditioned mentally like that.


My local arcade has Candy’s. They are awesome and if I had my room i would sleep in the chair in front of it and never leave. Maybe I would just build a toilet in front of it then have a chute so my parents could send food to me…Now you guys have me thinking.


i noticed in my town some small arcade that i’ve never seen… the parking was pathetically small, i have no idea how long they’ve been there, or if they’re just moving in. but while driving by one day i noticed a stand-up astro city cab… i nearly had a wreck trying to look into the place figuring out what was going on.


If you want to build an arcade go to the BYOA forums all you would ever need/ want to know is on there, also if your after Jamma boards hit up the KlOV forums nothing beats playing the SF games on a arcade monitor from the actual arcade board and as a first time builder I suggest staying away for Candy cabs at first as they tend to cost more to work with and find artwork for


Candy Cabinets > All. Really wish the US would have done those instead of standup.


not sure if this was what your going for but its a great example from a member on heres cabinet im not sure who at the moment but there are alot of pictures


Then your cab will need to have an LCD widescreen on it, which will either look tight or frankenstinian…impossible on a regular CRT…

Anyways you should just buy an arcade cab locally and refurbish it, there is next to no advantage from building your own cabinet…


I prefer a full cab over a candy. The feel and the weight play a difference for me. So yea, ill have to look into buying a gutted frame from a vendor and go from there.