Arcade Challengers Costume Pack DLC on xbox where is it?!?!?!?

I have been looking all over for the arcade edition costume pack for the new characters on , where the hell is it i would like to buy it , if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it thanks

If you want it on 360 go to the market and click ssfiv ae. Its the only thing there. For pc just buy the complete pack for 14.99.

Well i was trying to buy it on my computer for my xbox at , but i cant see it on there , i have yet to use the market place browser on my xbox though , is that where you found yours ? cause it is NOT on

Its not on except for pc, but it through the xbox.

I looked through both the website and the add-ons portion of the 360 and it is no where to be seen. Anyone else find that strange? Would like to get some new costumes for ae

The AE costumes are only available in-game by using the Xbox Live Marketplace option on the menu. They are not available from the dashboard or the webpage.

There’s a problem when you are trying to buy AE costume pack through in-game so I’m wonder if Capcom already knows about the issue.

I reported it to Capcom unity. It freezes my Xbox when I choose the *Arcade Challengers Pack. *


i wants now! =(

There are new costumes for every character??? Or are you implying to the twins/onion/e.ryu pack?

i just tried to buy them and it froze :frowning:

I’m having problems with this as well. my xbox freezes if I go to marketplace from in game and it’s no where to be found in the marketplace if i go through the dashboard.

damn it microsoft, damn it capcom, i’m trying to give you money for something I don’t need

Arrrgh… I’m stuck on this as well.

I just wanted to buy the alt for evil ryu, couldn’t find the pack in the marketplace, and when I try to view downloadable content for AE in-game, it freezes my xbox completely and I have to hit the power switch.

Internet searching brought me here… now i find out that it’s happening to everyone else, so I guess I’m screwed? :sad:

Same shit happens to me but I see other people online with them. How the fuck did they get them?

Ugh they still haven’t fixed this? -_-

What the hell! Why is it that some people online on xbox360 have arcade challengers alternate costumes when I and many other people can’t even download that shit!
What the hell is going on. And this shit be freezing my xbox everytime I try to download it from the ingame menu.

Everytime I try to download it from the ingame menu (Yeah that’s ssf4 ae game menu that say’s, oh my god it fucking SAYS that you can dl alternate costumes for e.ryu, oni yun and yang right here)
It does not say that it will freeze your fucking xbox to the point where you have to pull the plug on the console and that you wont be able to dl shit!

So lame… It’s soooooooo damn annoying that I can’t download something that I am supose to be able to download. And than it freezes your xbox to.

What the hell!!!

First world problems.

You’re complaining about not being able to buy some make believe clothes for your digital fighting buddy. Get some perspective.

First world problems!? This is obviously not your average bug dude…
There is an option in the game that simply freezes your xbox when pressed up on… What the hell are you talking about?
How long does it take to fix something so obviously verry wrong and also tremendously annoying.
First world problems my my ass that shit needs fixing!

So why do you have an avatar, that’s also make-belief so your an idiot.
I don’t care, you be what you want I like what I like and you aint nobody to me so you can talk all you wont it don’t mean shit dude…