Arcade Control Panel Artwork Request

I was wondering if any of the many talented artists on this forum could create some control panel overlay artwork for me. It needs to be print resolution (400 dpi or better) and it needs to measure 14.5"(height)x25.5"(width).

I will be using the same button layout template that dreaded-fist uses (you can find it here It is the sanwa layout), but with 8 buttons (just continue the curve to the left). It would be nice for whoever takes this up to place the button template over the artwork, but not neccessary.

The only request I have for the artwork itself is it have a yellowish/orange/red background (warm colors, basically) and a bunch of characters. If you feel you have a design with a few characters that looks better, please post it though, maybe you’ll change my mind.

Thanks alot.

Anyone? Bueller?

One last bump, then I’ll let it go. Please someone help me out, I’m terrible at photoshop.

Yeah, I know I said only one more bump, but oh well. I would be willing to paypay $10 to whoever takes this up and I can throw in a Gmail invite also (if you’ve been living under a rock or something and don’t already have one).

lol :annoy:

dude i already have the artwork done… i just told u to be patient… i have to get my photoshop to read the damn .psd so i can edit it.