Arcade Control Panel Instruction Sticker , where to buy?


hi team , i want a Arcade Control Panel Instruction Sticker for my Sega New Astro City. Apparently some places you can buy them some Websites you can download them at 300dpi.

Thing is im not sure how to print them out , ie my Printer only handles A4 paper. And buying them im not sure if the seller might fold it in half wrecking it or worse all creased by transport.

What can i should i do ?

who knows a reputable seller that wont send me shiz ?

please direct me to a good seller

any suggestions welcome



cant you take the image to kinkos or a similar printing place and just get it done there?


try sega shed


hi guys thanx for your replies , ive never heard of Kinkos im from Australia i guess its a Printing place i will keep that in mind.

Thanks UNW4NT3D for the link , im a member of Arcade Otaku and i think Andy is also i will give him a buzz and see what his shipping method is. If its a cylinder its sweet , if its folded in half and sent in a bubble bag thats bad.

thanks everyone so far for the options…