Arcade control panel?

i just recently receive 2 hack PS1 & connected them to haps stick/buttons…My question is, would i be able to put an xbox360 PCB & connect it to the stick/buttons to share with the PS1PCB? Hope that make sense, if not i’ll draw a picture on what i’m trying to say…

yea its possible. search around toodles answered a few of these questions.

i tried using the search, cant find any info…Toodles if you read this, can you please help me out…

Yes its possible, but because you’re talking about an xbox360, its gonna be a pain in the ass. Yuo do have to make sure they are both powered like I said in the post urth linked to, but there is more. You also have to setup both PCBs to use a common ground. Depending on which PSX pcb you used, the PSX one probably already is setup for common ground. The xbox360 pcb won’t be, so you’ll have to add on pieces to make it use a common ground.

In the padhacking thread, I put up a description and layouts using either 1: an inverter chip and a 4066n analog switch IC or 2: a MAX4611 analog switch IC. The description was so that you could use a common ground setup on the dpad of an xbox360 stick, for p360 or sanwa flash sticks, but the idea is the same for using the buttons. Build the same thing 3 or 4 times so you have enough to control all of the buttons you need and the d-pad.

No, I realize its not easy. In fact, its somewhere between very hard and a severe pain in the ass.