Arcade control setup (what is it?)


Alright there’s a lot of veterans of the arcade fighter scene here so this question will seem super basic, but I already searched both google and srk and can’t find my answer. Furthermore, it might be more appropriate for the SFIV forum, but I don’t have the post count to put this in there, so I apologize for that.

I bought my SE stick for SFIV (not modded yet, but that’s another issue) the other day and don’t know what control setup I should use. I haven’t been to an arcade since I was like 5 years old, so I’m not really sure, but dont they have the top row as lp-mp-hp and bottom row as lk-mk-hk? None of the presets are like that in the game; they have mp-hp-x-x and mk-hk-x-x as the top and bottom rows respectively (where the x’s depend on the preset). Is that because the presets (though less intuitive) have the buttons in a more natural arrangement for higher level play or does everyone just customize the controls? I know it ought to be a matter of personal preference, but I had a really weird controller setup when I used a pad and hated changing it all the time for other people or playing on someone elses system, so if the presets are good I’ll use them and it would also be nifty if I were using the standard for arcade machines.

Again sorry for being the low post count guy posting something not so tech in the tech forums.


Yeah, top three are punch and bottom three are kick like what you said:

Map it like that.


Yeah your right its:



mp-hp-x-x and mk-hk-x-x is for the sticks that have the xbox layout


thanks !