Arcade control stands


I’m looking for something like this

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I was considering just buying a empty full stand up arcade cabinet, or a full one and putting mame on it. Except the reality is I don’t have a way to get large heavy objects to my house, and my room is too small for it.

So a good alternative is to just get the bottom half of the arcade machine and just mount a Monitor to the wall to save space.

Does anyone know of a place that sells these cheaper? Or plans to make one.

Kraylix Arcade v4 TE With Mad Catz MLG Arcade Fightstick?

Or something like this. When it shows the actual pictures the one on the left.

Custom Vewlix: Working on New Kit (KLX stand)


Here’s another suggestion, Xtension Arcade Pedestal (Arcade Cabinet). It cost a bit more though.

I know it is designed to fit the X-Arcade, and we all know X-Arcade is no good for fighting games. So what I would suggest is just putting another arcade joystick in the slot where the X-Arcade is suppose to be placed. The X-Arcade bottom base is 25.5" x10.25". So as long your joystick depth is not longer than 10.25" it should fit in that slot. If this Xtension Arcade company was smart, they would create a bracket meant to fit two Mad Catz TE sticks into their products. So many people in the world have Mad Catz TE sticks at the moment. There aren’t too many premade options out there, other than Kraylix or custom.

Or you can always buy cheap used furniture that fits your height requirments and put it in front of the screen. I currently have two old speaker boxes stacked on top of each other as my “bottom half of the arcade machine”, I put my arcade joysticks on top of it, and place it in front of my monitor. I know it’s seems ghetto to just get the “feeling” of an stand up arcade experience, but it cost me nothing and I am resuing vintage speaker boxes (which are sturdy enough).

Just look at this guy’s SF4 setup, it doesn’t look good compared to other arcade cabinets, but it does the job done lol


Personally, I’ve always wanted something like the control/seating area of a Sega Megalo cab.


oh man, I posted this months ago. I ended up just getting a empty arcade cab off a guy and making it into a mame cab. I finished about a month ago. If anyone was curious

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so i am working and i misellled dev as d3v. Curse you tech talk.


Ikea BEKVÄM ~ Step Stool ($15) for MadCatz TE arcade joystick for:

Arcade joystick control Stand / joystick control panel Podium.

How to you Ikea Step Stool:

Ikea step stool as an arcade control joystick panel.

Ikea step stool hack for arcade joystick.

BEST OF ALL, you can still use it as a step stool.



No more arcade cabinet for me. Need a ‘Pedestal Arcade Panel’ or a Arcade cabinet base/table for multi function other than video game.

I’ve emailed them, without the upper monitor part, just the base is just $299. You may custom built a vewlix panel to place on top. Beauty of that is you may use TV or LCD for it. Moving just the base would be much simpler.


I will be building a sit-down stand (oxymoron?) to go with my modular arcade cabinet. Still looking for design inspiration but have some ideas. I think a good looking stand would be a compromise lots of people would go for - definitely a market for them from what I can see.


Yeah, I think I would go with one of those two-piece units myself if I could afford it…
Of course, what I’d really want is the ability to store/shelf-stack multiple systems below the monitor and still have adequate clearance for said-systems’ cooling.

I already have a 27" LED monitor that I really like and plenty of joysticks that could be purposed for a set-up like
I’d just have to get an adequate speak system… Thank goodness there are more economical options for those now!

I have to agree that for many of us getting an old arcade cab is both impractical and sometimes not that desirable. I want something I can CUSTOMIZE to my needs without doing a lot of extra mod work… The point is to play with the damn thing, not spend all my time building, rust-proofing, and painting it!!! LOL


Also. Another good website.


What’s your budget for a Arcade Cabinet of your own?

Your purpose of having a Arcade Cabinet? Is it for looks? Is it the feeling of having a Arcade Cabinet of your own? Or is it simply firm stationary arcade control panel only?

Is it worth the space to have your very own Arcade Cabinet? Have it in your garage? Living room? or in your room?

Is it easy to move around? Moving from one room to another? Or simply MOVING to household to household?


By the way, I am using a step stool from Ikea. Still available for $15.

Product dimension:
Width: 16 7/8 "
Depth: 15 3/8 "
Height: 19 5/8 "

Remember, Your TE arcade stick sits on top of 19 5/8" which is approximately 21"



So whats the most affordable price for one of these stands?


Or use a wood crate found in ‘home depot’:


Just throwing my proposed design in here if anyone’s interested and hasn’t seen it in my build thread …


I just came across this!