Arcade Controller for MVC2


I’m just getting into MVC2 - Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can purchase a good arcade controller. I’ve read the threads, and I’ve seen many things to the extent of “happ” and/or Hori.

Can someone link me somewhere where I can purchase one. I’m looking to spend less than 200, preferably less than 150 on a controller. I’ll be buying the a dreamcast and the game. I’m preferring to buy it new

I would prefer if the buttons were aligned exactly like the arcade (ie, not in a slight curve, but rather completely parallel / perpendicular.)

Does this require a mod? I mean, I can wave a little on the parallel / perpendicular preference. I have zero experience in this area, so any advice would be great.

I’ve read a lot of the threads and there isn’t a working link to someone actually selling one.


Right now i would say you should get a stick from Ed ( He can build you a ps2 controller with american parts and american layout. Then just get a ps2->dc converter and youre set to go. I think Ed also makes dreamcast controllers.

^ I’m going to agree with Vietexan. Get a Ps2 stick from ed and buy one of these converters. This converter has no lag with dreamcast games and since the stick is a Ps2 stick you could play any ps2 game.