Arcade Controller Recommendation Question

Well I’m in the market for a new arcade controller and I was just wondering what brand and model would you guys recommend.

I am considering from my research either the SFIV TE Fight Stick (normal or round 2) or the HRAP3SA

Out of those 3, which would you guys say is the best and most reliable. Plus, are they all still sold with all sanwa sticks and buttons?

-Thanks in advance

Both the TE and HRAP 3-SA come with Sanwa parts.

I would go for hrap3sa because its slightly cheaper and I dislike the sf4 artwork on TE ._. also TE’s surface is a fingerprint magnet

The only real difference between the two is button layout. Slagcoin has the button layouts for both that you can print out to see which one would be more comfortable.

If you play with the arcade stick on your lap then get the TE in my opinion. The TE stays put on your lap, I have an HRAP and it slides off my lap a lot while playing.

TE out of those 2, but I AIAB all the way :coffee: