Arcade Edition Fei-Long

Just starting a new topic to keep the Theory Fighter thread from getting cluttered and to keep info organized.

List of changes from

Normal Moves
? Close and Far Standing Light Punch have an extra frame of advantage, making it +6 now.
? Close Standing Medium Kick has a 4 frame startup.

? Less recovery on EX Rekka on hit and on guard.
? No invincibility on his Hard Flying Kick (Chicken Wing).

? Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

– HK CW is not invincible and is grounded on the initial frames (throwable). Fei takes counter-hit from anything.
– st.LP is +3 on block, +6 on hit
– EX Rekkas are safe to two hits thanks to much faster recovery.

– cr.LK> st.LP> Flame Kick (link) works
– cr.LK> st.LP x2> cr.HK works from max range (where you would be forced to do cr.MP/MK instead of cr.LP xx Rekkas link)

Fei Footage:

Japanese Feis (The first Fei player is mediocre, but MDR plays him decently.)
[media=youtube]CBey_d-8Bwo#t=22m47s[/media] Fei v. Claw
[media=youtube]ltkMAcv2cas&feature=sub[/media] Mago Fei v. Inoue Yun
[media=youtube]jHx9bHvQL0k&feature=player_embedded[/media] Mago Fei v. Ichi Ken

Walnut, CA
[media=youtube]lUF2-O8frVk[/media] Fei v. Cody
[media=youtube]ZtF07iyREYk[/media] Fei v. Makoto

Family Fun Arcade
[media=youtube]2yL8LdqCeCE[/media] Fei v. Yang
[media=youtube]AWIIu0r3ZBo&p=5A7186D78AA480AD[/media] Fei v. Blanka

Direct Feed from Japan
–@ 2:53

–@ 2:34, 19:07

–@ 45:28 Fei v. Adon

–@ 00:00, 22:49,

Chinatown Fair
[media=youtube]gR3NpLNbB6Y[/media] Fei v. Yun TS Youtube channel, look for Sabin’s Fei

Early Impressions:

– xbl brian says that Fei is mostly unchanged and that he should play all the same. Didn’t test loss of invincibility on HK CW or new st.LP combos.

– Daigo says that Fei will be top tier in AE, along with Yun and Yang. This is due to his stats remaining unchanged while many charge characters are being nerfed. Guile will now be upper-mid tier and Ryu apparently has his LP SRK [trade] Ultra again. Relatively, however, Ken is the new shoto-threat.

–mrtcohens observed that EX Rekkas are safe on the 2nd hit to Claw’s cr.MP (4-frame move). This may not have been reversal timing, however.

–UltraDavid posted on his Twitter that Fei is definitely top tier. Changes mentioned above.

Editor’s Note: Fei still does an assload of damage for Flame Kick and Rekkas seem as good as ever. No evidence of frame advantage on EX Rekkas on hit, and no one has tried using it to simply get in yet.

**Cite: **
XBL Brian’s comments:

Daigo’s comments: SSF4: AE Change Notes from Daigo &?Acqua - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA

Fei is pretty much the same Fei we’ve been playing since vanilla from the looks of things, although the world and their momma thinks he’s gotten 10x better when he’s been the same since day one. Didn’t see MDR doing anything new with him from those vids. They nerf HK CW and threw us a bone by saying “oh we added extra frame advantage to…umm… a jab…yeah that will suffice for them” Anyway good starting up this thread nosone, hopefully something new will show up.

another note
Did see him using EX-Rekkas and stopping at the 2nd one and wasn’t punished which prove what i thought originally, they push back too far for anything else to be done with them.

A lot of good chars got nerfed from sf4 > ssf4 or from ssf4 > ae. Furthermore, more ppl picked up Fei especially in japan as he was not available in sf4. So he gets more attention from good player, so more “broken” stuff from get more attention + similar or higher tier chars get nerfed so in a way he did got better.

TC, which video did you see the EX Rekka x2 in? I may have just glanced but missed it.

@ Ibrahimo: Very true about Fei getting extra attention. Japan to this date has been playing regular SF4 in arcades, with some top players playing Super. I don’t know if any arcades in Japan support Super on a pay-per-time mechanic the way CTF does with 25 cents = 90 seconds of game time.

Still, though, with top players seeing Fei as a threat there still must be merit to the claim that he’s top tier. Give the Japanese a couple weeks with Fei. I’m sure they’ll find something new or enlighten us with how to play him better.

IMO, Fei is definitely getting stronger in relation to some characters, namely the former top tier. I’ll be damned if the Gief fight isn’t harder now due to early impressions of his better SPD and new mix-ups, however, and the plenitude of characters that got close-combat buffs will be competing with Fei directly for that space now.

I think the one vs Ken, hang on i’m watching again.


it was claw around 1:49, he does 2 EX-Rekkas and Claw blocks and attempts to punish. See if they had altered the push back on these it may have opt’d for something to do afterwards, they left the push back the same on block and hit as far as i can tell. Maybe, maybe a standing Jab, but we’d have to know what the frame advantage on hit is…and knowing Capcom its probably at +1 or +2 lol.

EX rekka looks like it does a little more damage.

Lol that may be because no one uses it. It does do a lot of damage on its own TBH. I dunno, but if they increased it that would be nice. A little broken since it’s safe and easy to hit-confirm now, but it would be nice :razz:

does anyone know if st.lp is whiffing on less of the cast now?

Sucks because i bet they didn’t even tinker with the fireball absorbing mechanic it suppose to be for. If they made it absorb the fireball as soon as his fist came out and it doesn’t cause a slight push back i’d be happy with using them, but as of now HP rekkas max dmg is 165 and EX is 186 but your having to burn meter, no invinicibility on startup, i still can’t really justify them for wasting meter. Its not like you still can’t be interrupted out of them like any other rekka, and you can use lp rekka if you want to pressure and remain safe pretty much. then further cl.hp>hp rekkas is like 256, cl.Hp>EX rekkas 260 or 265… EX-rekkas should do 200dmg flat… should be 4 rekka punches for ex not 3 like regular rekkas. But thats just capcom way of making us feel better for the nerf to HK CW, despite us that know Fei and been using him since day one know HK CW wasn’t all that bad from the get go as some people make it cause you can get punished for using it foolishly, but let others tell it “Fei is already top and he’s getting buffed omg!!” Guess they forgot about the CW NERF

I never feel at a loss of for meter very often, I would use EX Rekka if it was reliable for killing booms/dukens.

As several people have said, Fei is still tough to play effectively. TBH TC, a lot of people on SRK aren’t even that good so HK CW seems like it’s a free combo to them. People are just acting foolishly in regard to AE news… Everyone wants to say OMG to something and make a firm point which they probably won’t even stick to in the months to come. Personally, I’m sticking to facts and logic. What works and what doesn’t is more important than “OMG HE’S TOP AND NOW HE’S GONNA BE GODLIKE!!!”

I’m starting to like the sound of the EX Rekka buff actually. It was Min who pointed out in a stream by Sp00ky that EX Rekkas would be an easy way to get inside. I’m putting that into the context of the Dhalsim Match-up in my mind.

HK CW wasn’t great since it was easy to predict and knee out. EX CW was good but only if you saw a fireball that was in range. EX Rekkas-- even if you’re burning a meter-- will get you inside Sim and will catch his pokes pretty well. And of course, in this match, you really only need 1-2 knockdowns to win.

Same goes for Guile; it was easy to do Rekka x1 on him, but that only pushed him out further or made you vulnerable to Reversal Flash Kick. EX Rekkas will let us get right into his face and burn through st.HPs or backfists thanks to its nice hitbox. We still need people to test if EX Rekkas have frame advantage though. I think that would add an extra depth to Fei’s mix-ups (EX Rekka x2, stop> throw or stop>st.LP xx Tenshin would be safer with frame advantage)

I def agree Fei is difficult to play effectively. It seems like I read somewhere that you could connect full ultra after fadc fk in ae, anyone know?

Yeah your probably right though nosone, i didn’t think of it that way in the matchup with Sim and Guile, idk though i’ve had my share of frustration last night with these matchups. I see where your coming from and i agree its better to focus on what works and is what is viable and we don’t really know too much atm regarding the application of EX-rekkas right now. Damn the should have given them pursuit properties, juggle after fk FADC would have been so lovely.

No and nobody else has either, maybe just a hype rumor. I seriously doubt this though.

I believe seth said that they would have to change everyones hit boxes to match that work.

So I would guess that it is the same.

Some SSF4 AE feilong videos, don’t expect anything sexy:


Edit: my bad, kobrakoun already posted them in the first post

From the videos posted more players will use stand jab more offten with BNB.

Nothing really interesting except the fact that Ex Rekkas seems to be safer than ssf4 ones (Claw’s cr.MP wasn’t reversal though).

I thought fei users will use the st.lp => sweep combo more often (that’s definetly what i’ll do :p).

st.lp can combo into sweep ?

That would be like Ryu styles

He’s suppose to have an additional frame advantage on his close and far standing jabs which are currently a +5 on hit in Super. They are suppose to be +6 in AE which will allow for such combo.

I think I’d use the jab> Sweep combo quite a bit against characters that just suck on wake-up. Anyone who needs meter to successfully defend themselves deserves to be swept before they get that meter. Abel and Rufus might suddenly find it difficult to get out of the corner since they lack a 3-frame move or something invincible without meter.

I’m eager to also start incorporating the cl.LP > cl.MP link in actual battle now. It seems great in Super, but with it being a 1-frame link and all, there’s potential to lose a damage opportunity if you fudge it up (even though it’s a really easy 1-framer). With a 2-frame link it should be much more consistent. Easily the best frame trap that Fei has.

OH and cr.LK > st.LP > Flame Kick (link) > FADC > CW > Ultra. That one will be nice.