Arcade Edition Match Up: Rufus



What do we know about Rufus?

Rufus is one of the more unorthodox characters in this game, having unique and
special moves like no other character. It can be often mind boggling to deal with.
Rufus has high damage output but he suffers from below average stun. Low stun poses
a great weakness in his defensive ability.

What can I learn about Rufus?

All of Rufus’ frame data can be found on the SRK Wiki.

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Rufus in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Rufus forums:

What should I be doing?

You should be doing what Guy does best; maul. Up close, Rufus can’t spam a normal
on block in the hopes that you create a gap for him to escape. Push him into the
corner with frame traps and grabs. If you can force Rufus to use his EX Messiah
early when he gains a meter, you can sort of assess what kind of player you are
dealing with. Guy should never jump at Rufus, as he has many anti airs to deal
with jumpers. The aim in this match should be to stun Rufus, granting
you with more damage opportunities and/or a possible K.O.

What should I be aware of?

-Falcon Kick

Globally known as ‘Dive Kick’, this is Rufus’ main form of initiation.
It is completely safe on block.The idea is to create what appears to
be a guessing situation, overwhelming the opponent with frame traps,
normal throws or just repeating the Dive Kick over again until he lands a hit.
Dive Kick is most dangerous in the corner, where Rufus can manipulate
the angle so that the kick can hit on either side of you and continue his
flurry of assault. Rufus can switch all of his jump in angles with Dive Kick
which all lose to EX Air Grab.

-Glory Kick

When you are in mid range, most Rufus players will use this move to close the gap. Many
players get hit by this move in the heat of battle, as it is a very deceptive move.
It does hit low. It is also zero on block, leaving you with a slight (one frame) advantage.


This move is also fairly deceptive. One of Rufus’ longer range pokes. Expect it when you
are at mid range. This move is unsafe on block and on hit.
Punish with EX Hozanto.

-EX Messiah Kick

This is Rufus’ only effective reversal option, and what most Rufus players will save their
super meter for. It is a “get out of jail free” card if he has three meters.
Because of the nature of this moves’ start up animation, Guy, along with some other
characters has an easier time dealing with it. cr.LP upon Rufus’ Okizeme let’s you
get hit with only the first 3 hits of the move while he continuously finishes on
the other side of you. This is a free hard Punish for Guy.

**Dive Kick is so cheap! **

This is where Crouch Teching comes into play. In this case, we will use cr.MP.

cr.:mp: plinked with :lp:+:lk:

For the most part, it completely shuts down Rufus’ offense. If Rufus goes for another Dive Kick, cr.MP will beat him out. If he decides to normal throw, you will late tech. It’s that simple. This is essential in preventing yourself from getting mauled. The only option Rufus has to beat this is EX Messiah Kick. If the opponent resorts to using it to open you up, it means that he is annoyed at your defense, which is good.

Rufus Specific
Misc. Information

  • EX Messiah Kick + LK > FADC forward can be punished with U2. EX Messiah Kick + LK > FADC backdash can be punished with EX Hozanto.

  • Forward Throw, MP Hozanto, Elbow Drop (crosses up)

-Back Throw, frame step forward.HK, j.HK (crosses up but must be blocked the opposite way. EX Messiah will never auto correct)


The premise of the match is to be relentless in your offense and force Rufus to reversal to
waste his meter. Stay a bit outside of mid range, waiting for Glory Kick or cr.HP and punish.
Don’t be afraid to crouch tech against Dive Kick. Shutting down these options will put this match greatly in your favor.

You all are more than welcome to add or update information about this match up. If anything I mentioned is incorrect, feel free to let me know.


cr.HP from Rufus is indeed unsafe on hit (-10). If Guy is in range, he can do a reversal EX Hozanto to punish it.


Thanks for the great thread man!
One thing I know about Rufus is that I always go for cross ups when in a safe jump situation (where I have the 50/50 elbow drop and cross up guessing game in my favor). Ok, not always, but just saying, his EX Messiah Kick NEVER auto corrects, and you can punish him with run slide after the cross up. So the cross up works perfectly agains him.


I guess I’ll just throw in here which safe jumps can be performed on Rufus.

After forward throw:

  • forward jump 2x (waiting one frame between the first and secnd jumps) > cross up (elbow loses to EX messiah).
  • immediately dash forward 2x > wait half a sec > jump in.
  • immediately dash forward > back jump > wall jump in with HK or MP inputed deep.
  • immediately dash forward > st. HK > jump in.

After back throw:

  • immediately back dash > jump in.
  • cr. HP > jump in with MK
  • walk a bit forward > HK > jump in wih MK (ambiguous cross up)

In the corner forward throw:

  • immediately forward dash > back dash > jump in (elbow or cross up with MK)
  • immediately backdash > cr. LP > jump in (elbow or cross up)
  • immediately jump back > Elbow drop half the way > jump in (elbow or cross up)

In the corner back throw (when you are in the corner and throw Rufus in instead):

  • immediately back dash > jump in (elbow or cross up)

Rufuses EX Messiah Kick has 11 frames of start up. So almost all of Guy’s safe jumps work on him. Also, and I have already said before, his Messiah kicks rarely auto correct, so crossing him up might be a good idea.


Kreymore, if you could copy the information below the line and paste it into the first post, that’d be great. :tup:

Unfortunately, the Rufus section of the forums have a bunch of threads about AE 2012, so it’s hard to pinpoint which threads should be included below (since some could be based on the AE 2012 mod for PC SSFIV: AE).

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Rufus in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Rufus forums:


Izuna Drop Safe Jump: Just Forward Jump immediately after Izuna Drop with any attack, while holding back when you land. Is Safe from Ex Messiah Kick and Snake Strike on wake.


If you block Rufus Ex Messiah Kick and he goes for the Overhead. If you press Guy’s crHp quick enough it will make Rufus Ex Messiah Kick whiff on the other side of you and you will get a free punish. Or you can just forward dash. I did that in a match today by accident and it worked perfectly.


Some Mind Games; 1. Target Combo into RS; Forward Dash, wait slightly then Run Slide. Run Slide will whiff against Ex Messiah Kick and it may be possible to chase Rufus down with RS. 2. Target Combo into RS; Forward Dash then Running Overhead. Does a good job of beating Snake Strike. 3. Target Combo into RS; Forward Dash then Run Stop (bait). 4. Target Combo into RS; then immediately do Ex Bushin Flip and quickly cancel to the ground and block. This acts as a Fake uncrouchable and should be safe from a wake up Ex Messiah Kick.


I tried that cr.MP plink with cr.LP + cr.LK but it didn’t seem to work. The way I tested it was to have Rufus dive kick, then an immediate dive kick, then throw. After I block the 2nd dive kick, he throws me out of my cr.MP animation. Am I timing it wrong?


^ yeah, you should generally just delay crouch tech against Rufus, work up a strat to use it. Remember divekick isn’t a threat unless he hits you or he’s coming close to chipping you out. or has ultra stocked.


Fuzzy Guard: (corner) Bushin Chain into Back Throw, stMp into instant Run Stop then instant Jump Away Mp or Jump Forward Mp. (mid-screen) Use crMp as an Anti-Air (let it hit on the second or last frame) then instantly Forward Dash then instant Jump Away Mp or Jump Forward Mp.


Alternative Safe Jump Attacks against Ex Messiah Kick: Here are some safe jump attacks besides Run Slide, Neutral Jump Attack; 1. (anywhere) crMk, Forward Dash, Neutral Jump Attack. 2. (corner) after the second hit of Low Tatsu, after the third hit of Medium Tatsu or after the third hit of Ex Tatsu then either Neutral Jump or Forward Jump Attack. 3. (corner) after any Normal Hozanto or Ex Hozanto then either Neutral Jump or Forward Jump Attack. 4. (anywhere) Bushin Flip, then immediately hold down to crouch. As soon as Guy crouches immediately hold up and forward to jump to do a safe jump attack.


CrMk Corner Mix Up: 1. crMk, Dash then Cross Up Mk; beats forward dash, ex messiah and ex snake whiffs, can combo cross up Mk into crHp and can combo cross up Mk, stMk, Bushin Chain into Back Throw. 2. crMk, Dash, Empty Jump or fake Lk cross up; ex messiah and ex snake whiffs. 3. crMk, Dash, Forward Jump then Full Wall Jump; ex messiah and ex snake will whiff and you can also punish especially with ultra or super. 4. crMk, Dash, Low Bushin Flip; beats Forward Dash, Blocking, Focus and looks like a Cross Up, using Ex Bushin Flip creates an Uncrouchable but loses to certain Normals and ex messiah and ex snake. 5. crMk, Dash, Neutral Jump Attack; safe from ex messiah and ex snake, keeps Rufus in the corner but can lose against certain Normals.


Level 2 Focus Crumple, Back Dash (mid-screen): 1. Run Slide 168 dmg - 230 stun. 2. Ex Run Slide 176 dmg - 230 stun. 3. Medium Hozanto 184 dmg - 278 stun. 4. Fierce Hozanto 208 dmg - 310 stun. 5. Ex Hozanto 176 dmg - 310 stun. 6. Forward Dash, Medium Tatsu 200 dmg - 310 stun. 7. Forward Dash, Fierce Tatsu 208 dmg - 310 stun. 8. Forward Dash Ex Tatsu 216 dmg - 310 stun. 9. Low or Ex Bushin Flip 224 dmg - 270 stun. 10. Forward Jump Low Izuna Drop 224 dmg - 294 stun [done far]. 11. Forward Jump Ex Izuna Drop 216 dmg - 294 stun. 12. Neck Flip 216 dmg - 310 stun. 13. Fierce Hozanto into Super 474 dmg - 310 stun. 14. Ultra 1 404 dmg [on the first hit only, must be close enough and must execute quickly]. 15. Fierce Hozanto, FADC, Ex Hozanto 292 dmg - 450 stun.


crMk Vortex: I found that Guy can vortex Rufus anywhere on screen with crMk because of the spacing it creates. From crMk just time a Forward Jump into Cross-up or Elbow or Low Bushin Flip. But focusing on the corner, I also found that you can replace Cross-up Mk, Bushin Chain into Back Throw reset with Cross-up Mk, crMk to create a Hard Knockdown reset in the corner. What makes this unique is the fact you can time a Forward Jump from the corner to create an ambiguous mix up pushing Rufus back in the corner. Example: a) Cross-up Mk, crMk then Forward Jump Cross-up Mk, stMk TC into RS. b) Cross-up Mk, crMk then Forward Jump Elbow Drop, crLp, Bushin Chain into Back Throw, stLp or stMp reset or finish with Fierce Tatsu. Cross-up Mk into crMk creates 140 dmg - 170 stun, but it creates a hard knockdown vs a soft knockdown reset. Each serve there purpose so its good to experiment with both.


Safe Block Strings/ Frame Traps against Ex Messiah Kick: 1. Forward Jump in, Neutral Jump or Cross Up Attack then crLp, crLp, crMp. 2. Walk Up crLp, crLp, crLp, crMp. 3. crMp on block, crLp. 4. Close stMk on block, Crouching Short. 5. crHp on block, Far stMk (a little tight and can also combo).


I would use for Safe jump OS’, causes EX messiah to soar over Guy. Also on his wake up Cr.MK is useful in many areas, snake strike will be an easy punish since you won’t suffer any blockstun as you avoid the attack and ex messiah will hit unless timed specifically but will not fully connect leaving you with an option to punish.


I’ve been experimenting with crHk meaty on wake up. Technically if crHk hit on the last couple of frames on Rufus wake up, it can be safe. Also if Rufus mash Ex Messiah on wake up, the first couple of hits will hit but the rest of the animation will soar over your head for a punish. The only reason I would use crHk as a meaty is to waste Rufus meter and potentially get a punish. CrMk also work the same way, but crHk moves Guy forward so Ex Messiah will likely whiff on wake up. I think both are useful in their own way, but the properties of Ex Messiah Kick will probably change in v2013.


Ex Messiah FADC Back Dash: can be beat with Ex Hozanto. So Ex Hozanto FADC, Ultra 1 is possible. If Rufus have you trapped against the wall and does Ex Messiah FADC Back Dash you can punish it with Medium Tatsu, stMp (or other normals) or raw Super Combo.


Most DPs fadc backdash can be punished by ex hozanto if not all can