Arcade Edition PC version


Hello I took advantage of the PC version discount and cannot get my MadCatz SE fightstick to work with it. I know there should be another post about this but I really tried searching. Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this? Thanks in advance.


Here’s something that seems to trip people up—make sure you’re using a USB port in the back. The front USB ports on many PCs don’t carry enough voltage for sticks. Hope it’s as simple as that for you!


It’s the PS3/pc version btw, and works perfectly with the PC version of SFIV vanilla.


Did you go to the button config settings in options? It should say keyboard 1 but you can scroll over with the arrow keys and you should find your stick that you’ll have to map since it’s not a 360 stick.


Got it. Can’t believe I missed that. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: