Arcade Edition V 2013 - Sakura Changes?



Ryan Hart posted on Facebook of a possilbility of a new update for AE.

What do we want for Sakura?

I’m struggling to think of changes for her tbh, I think she’s a perfect character now but there is one thing I would like

Her jumpins hitbox to be nerfed especially j.hp, no jumpins should be able to stuff DPs tbh.

Maybe her to be slightly faster (1f faster)

Her far mp to be 5/6f instead of 7f, it’s a useful counter poke vs some characters like Rose and Sagat.

Slightly more damage on the 2nd hit of LP Shouken, maybe something like 60/45 instead of 90/15 or even an overall damage buff like 90/50 but that would hurt her damage with U2 in the corner after ex tatsu, late lp shouken U2 if it’s distributed from 1st hit to 2nd.
Apart from that, I’m not really sure.


I really want to have ex tatsu to be fixed. I mean when you hit the first three hits ten whiff the last one. Happens on Vega and Adon a lot for me.


Honestly I don’t think the game needs a rebalance at all. Literally every character in the game is viable, even the likes of Dan/hawk/hakan.

I don’t think Sakura needs her jumping hitboxes nerfed. She needs those in a lot of matchups where otherwise she really has no way of getting in. A jumping hp will not stuff a well timed dp, unless it’s a fake crossup, but removing that possibility you effectively destroy much of her oki game.


She still has amazing walkspeed and really solid whiff punishers with and, she doesn’t struggle a lot to get in as much as people think imo.

She’ll still have air tatsu anyway. Her j.hp does tend to stuff the likes of Sagat and Fei’s DP when they try to AA her with it.


Maybe those srks that get a hit or two and then drop? Mk Tatsu become useful someday? I can’t think of much since she’s so good where she’s at. I wouldn’t want to see much change unless they were small tweaks/fixes.


I’d want small buffs on MK Tatsu, cl.HK, st.far.HP and st.MP. Just because they’re not really relevant to her gameplay right now and having some minor usage for each one would make you press different buttons. Making EX Hadokens a non-knockdown move with some frame advantage could be cool too.

If i would nerf her in anyway it would probably be by reducing the frame advantage on EX Shunpukyaku on block.

Anyway i think she is almost perfectly balanced as she is right now, no need to change anything…I’m even afraid that if the game get any changes it might not be as balanced as it is.


I actually took a look at the damage comparison chart for ultras and Sakura was ranked 34. So maybe a slight damage increase on her ultras.

But seeing her damage output is so high is most likely the reason why they don’t so so much.


The ex tatsu thing happened when I was against an Akuma the other day.
Outside of that, they need to fix ex otoshi. I’m tired of reading a fireball correctly, and otoshi straight up whiffing as they recover from their fireball.
I’d also like a hitbox buff on her mp and hp shouken just so she won’t go flying in the air off of a low forward shouken, and so that punishes on Honda’s headbutts won’t be random.

Also, I’d like for her close roundhouse to be a command normal, but that’s a pipe dream.


I’d like to be able to land U1 more easily frankly, and not have it scale so much. Some kind of AA wakeup for dealing with Ryu pressure would be good as well. For that, they could remove the advanced Tatsu link combos, cuz I and most people I’ve ever seen on Live using her, sho’kan never do them.




Whuuuuut :open_mouth:


Remove all link combos, speed the game up, make it 2d, bring back Karin etc.


Not sure you should be playing Street Fighter 4…


We are talking about SAKURA CHANGES on THE SAKURA FORUM not fucking reinventing the wheel.

That said a little bit better recovery on the fireball and maybe lp. shouken invincibilty would really help with her bad match ups(Zoners, Vortexs). Also not that I’m complaining but her cr.hp is too godlike.


We’ve been asking for characters not to fall out of DPs since vanilla.

So Capcom is probablygoing to tweak her fireball and call it a day. Again.


I think is quite useful, whether close or far. Close is good for frame traps and far is a good counterpoke in some matchups.


If they just fixed the dp and tatsu whiffs, she would be about perfect. And they can remove horizontal fireball ultra haha. It’d be nice to have her lesser-used moves buffed, but meh, why buff an above average character? Unless the chars below her get buffed even more.

  • Fix shooken hitbox-issues
  • Fix shunpu hitbox-issues
  • LP Shooken 1-hit, better AA-hitbox (shouldn’t trade with jumps)
  • U2 PPP faster startup/travel-speed
  • c.hp x lk shunpu should not be punishable when c.hp hits someone airborne
  • Remove all known unblockables


LP Shouken buff would be nice.


A change that isn’t character specific that I would like to see is to be able to cancel chained normals.
This would help a lot of characters in stopping people from doing anything else than blocking.